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Aldern Foxglove

Varisian Aristocrat: Because I am the heir to an aristocratic line with history entangled with a nation state, ruling dynasty, or region I am afforded respect, deference, and access to those in power far exceeding anything justified by my own merit. The benefit of this is tied to the political influence and power of whatever land or people my lineage is attached to and in some situations can even be a compellable hindrance; GM's discretion applies.

Wealthy Fop: Because I am so charming and full of stories about high society in Magnimar and Korvosa, I gain +1 when I am Clever and affect a chummy trust-fund-brat manner in social interactions.

Hunting Dog: Because I bought one, I have a trained Hunting Dog.

Good Hunter, Always Alert

Good At: Noticing Things (+1), Biting (+1)

Bad At: Not Growling Or Barking (-1), Knowing When To Run Away (-1)

Hits: [1][1]  

Up to five (5) may form a mob. Add two (2) hit boxes per dog. +1 to attack and overcome for each additional dog remaining.


Carries assorted coins and a few small gems worth around 50 gp, but can expect to be extended credit at any moneylending establishment and most businesses in Varisia once he's established his identity. A large chest of fine clothing, generally left wherever he has taken rooms. A sturdy walking staff that can serve as a club.