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Quenelle Page

Combat Veteran (-2): Because I have engaged in so much combat, I gain +1 when I am Combative and attack or defend.

Forcefully Aggressive: Because I am so physically powerful, I get +1 when I am Forceful and attack.

Bums Rush: Because I like to overwhelm others, I get +2 when I am Forceful and attempt to tackle or bowl over an opponent.

Sudden Attack: Because I am prone to sudden violence, I get +2 when I Forcefully attack an opponent who is unaware of my intent.

Magical Longsword (-2): Because I have a magical weapon, I gain +1 when Combative to attack and defend while wielding it.

Potion In A Flask, Faintly Magical (Healing)

Benefit: A character may drink the potion as an action to 'cast' the spell Heal on themselves. Treat this as if the overcome attempt succeeded with four (4) shifts of effect.

Uses: [1]

Each usage box indicates a seperate use or application and each use expends a usage box; when there are none left the item is expended.

Divine Spell (Healing)

While Carefully Divine I may attempt to clear a specific stress box or consequence by overcoming a difficulty equal to the numerical value of the stress box or Consequence.

This champion of the Grey Maidens wears orante silvery heavy armor and carries a magical two-handed sword rather than the usual longsword and shield combo most Maidens prefer. Her armor is masterfully crafted, and she carries 215 gp.