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Curse Of The Lady's Light GM Resources

Curse Of The Lady's Light is part 2 of 6 of the Shattered Star Adventure Path; that book is necessary to run the adventure but Pathfinder Fate Accelerated write ups are provided for the various opponents and challenges faced therein. Use the linked to documents as relevant to the published adventure.

Part 2: The Lady's Cape

The Shards

Larger Map

This part of the adventure is extremely sandboxed and there is no clock on it. There are also several 'wildcard' elements that can either make things harder or easier for the adventurers depending upon their actions and roleplaying. The adventurers are free to wander around exploring the Lady's Cape region encountering both habitat-appropriate encounters as well as the scripted opposition of warring tribes of boggards and troglodytes.

There's no real penalty for adventurers that just want to muscle through it, heading straight for the Lady's Light monument and finding a way in via the most expedient means. However a good deal of outdoor adventure fun can be had prior to getting on with finding the Shard. Groups with one or more Primal oriented characters might find it more engaging than a group that skews more towards urban and delving skills.

Due to the sandboxed nature of this section, there is no guarantee as to what order the adventurers will bump into encounters and thus the below write-ups should be consulted as needed rather than taken as a linear progression.

A: The Isle of Maroux

If the adventurers arrive by ship they will likely encounter the swamp witch Maroux soon after landing as her hut is near where they would be put ashore. If the adventurers sought out Jasper in Part 1 and got useful information out of him, he would have told them about Maroux and thus they might seek her out based upon Jasper's recommendation. If they arrive by land and did not get info from Jasper, then Maroux may or may not be encountered in any particular order based upon events in play.

If it does occur, the encounter with Maroux is pivotal. Should the adventurers make her actively hostile, though she is not powerful enough to prevail against a group she can inflict some harm before fleeing or conceding and can become a dangerous wild card.

On the other hand, if the adventurers play their cards right Maroux can be a very helpful ally or at least a neutral party offering useful services such as potions for sale.

B: Wreck Of The Impdrake

A Cheliax merchant vessel that mistook the Lady's Light for the Port of Magnimar and ran aground. The crew were slaughtered by boggards, but rose again as undead led by their once-captain, Linus Halfclasper.

Good At: During the day and from the shore it is a Fair (+2) challenge to notice the wreck of the impdrake beneath the water.

Area B

Leg Bone Connected To The..., Corporeal Undead, Undead Animated Bonepile

Good At: Being Scary And Gross (+1), Attacking (+2), Resisting Damage (+4)

Bad At: Resisting Smashing Damage (-2)

Hits: [1]  [1]  [1]  [1]  [1]  [1]  [1]  

Each stress box represents a separate skeleton. The mob gains +1 to attack for every two (2) stress boxes that remain unchecked.

+1 attack for every three (3) skeletons remaining in the mob.

I Was Once The Captain Of This Here Ship, Undead Animated Bonepile

Good At: Quick +3, Combative +3, Roguish +1

Bad At: Resist Smashing (-2)

Stress [1][2][3]

Mild (2)

Moderate (4)

Captain Linus and his skeletal crew do not pursue opponents further than a hundred feet from their sunken ship.

Capt Linus

Sword of Captain Linus (-2): Because I have a magical weapon, I gain +1 when Combative to attack and defend while wielding it.

No Flesh To Harm (-3): Because I have no soft tissue, I gain +4 to defend against attacks that cut, stab, poison, burn, or otherwise deal damage by harming flesh.

C: Battlefield

This is a discovery encounter. If the adventurers have not already been informed about the trogs and boggards in the area, they can identify the corpses of the slain at this location. The difficulty for a Clever character is Fair (+2); using Primal reduces the difficulty by -1.

However, there's much more significant pieces of information to be noticed here. First, a broken dagger of one of the Grey Maidens can be found amongst the debris by a determined search...coated in a poison that infects those stabbed with filth fever.

Broken, Covered In Poison

Good At: Avoiding Notice (+4)

The second is a holy symbol of the foul demon lord of caverns, reptiles, and troglodytes...Zevgavizeb.

Medallion Bearing A Clawed Tentacle, Crude

Good At: Avoiding Notice (+4), Avoiding Recognition (+4)

Bad At: Avoiding Recognition vs Divine Is Only (+2)

D: Troglodyte Caves

These caves are the home of the area's troglodyte tribe. Normally the tribe was large enough to be more than a casual threat, but the trogs have had a tough time of it lately. Their great rivals, the boggard tribe also active in this area, have been unusually agressive recently and have exercised much more advanced tactics learned from Grey Maiden 'advisors'.

Further, the boggards have been poisoning their weapons with filth fever and injured troglodytes have been sickening and dying in great numbers from this disease. Only a fraction of the tribe and Uggilo, the priest of their foul demon god, remain.

Area D

If the adventurers kill off Uggilo and cure the more than a dozen diseased trogs in area D5, they will basically win over the remainder of the tribe and gain a potentially useful new ally. With some redeeming the trogs can even become part of the mercantile trade sub quest of Sabriyya Kalmeralm it that angle has been included in a given GM's campaign.

In areas that note that troglodytes are present, unless otherwise indicated refer to the below write-up and set the Stress to equal the number of troglodytes in the area.

Reptilian Humanoid, Cave Dweller

Good At: Pack Attack (+2), Caves & Underground (+2)

Bad At: Above Ground (-1), Easily impressed and frightened by bright Flashy magics.

Hits: [1]  

Up to ten (10) troglodytes will form a mob. Add one (1) hit box per troglodyte. +1 while attacking and overcoming for every three (3) troglodytes remaining.

D1: Cave Entrance

Three troglodytes are on guard at the entrance of the cave, and they have a barricade and a stockpile of alchemist's fire.

If intruders approach threateningly, the trogs will use one of the alchemist's fire bombs to ignite the barricade (just assume it works unless the adventurers are actively doing something to prevent it), and lob the remainder at the intruders that get too close.

Alchemical Weapon, Faintly Magical (Evocation)

Benefit: +3 while Quickly Focused to attack a target that I can detect and have a line of sight to within two (2) zones with a grenade like item that bursts into flame on contact. If I succeed with style, I must reduce the stress to get a boost but the boost is upgraded to the situational Aspect On Fire with two (2) invokes, which is attached to the target. This Aspect is automatically invoked at the beginning of subsequent exchanges to inflict two (2) stress to the target per invoke. It is a Fair (+2) difficulty to remove this Aspect.

Uses: [1]

Each usage box indicates a seperate use or application and each use expends a usage box; when there are none left the item is expended.

The user must be able to throw the alchemist's fire at the target.

Good At: Providing Defensive Cover, Going Up In Flames Easily

Invocations: [1][1][1][1][1][1]

This is a situational Aspect that can be invoked by anyone hiding immediately on the other side of the cover to gain a bonus when defending or hiding. Once all the invocations are gone, the cover has been shot to hell or otherwise busted up. This Aspect can be overcome with good narrative justification, but the difficulty is Great (+4)

Good At: Providing Defensive Cover, Burning Things That Get Too Close

Invocations: [1][1][1][1][1][1]

This is a situational Aspect that is automatically invoked each exchange to fuel a raging fire along the length of the barricade. Anyone entering the flaming area takes four (4) shifts of stress related to fire damage and smoke inhalation. When there are no more invokes remaining the fire has run out of fuel and burns out; however the area remains uncomfortably hot and embers continue to burn down for five to ten minutes afterwards.

D2: Pitfall

There is a pit trap here. It is easy for a careful outdoorsman to spot, but less so for city slickers and farm boys. The trap doesn't require disarming; throwing something heavy enough on top of the trap will 'trigger' it. Just skirting the edges of the cave around the trap is sufficient. The sharpened spikes of the pit are poisoned with spider venom.

Primal, Mechanical

Good At: Requires normal senses to detect as a Great (+4) challenge

Bad At: Difficulty to detect is reduced by (-2) while being Primal, Difficulty to detect is reduced by (-1) while being Careful.

Primal, Mechanical, Triggered By Walking On It

Good At: Poking Holes In People That Fall In To Me (+3), If I inflict a consequence it has something to do with being poisoned by spider venom.

The Trap Does Not Automatically Reset

D3: Warriors Pyre

Four troglodytes are in this area burning the corpse of a fifth trog who succumbed to filth fever. Chanting and praying, they are distracted.

D4: Fever Victims

Fourteen troglodytes huddle miserably in this area, all deep in the stages of filth fever and near death. They are too helpless to defend themselves. There is a high degree of contagion in this room; it passively attacks people in the room with open wounds.

Contagion, Unseen Threat

Good At: Infection (+4)

When a character with open wounds (as indicated by consequences or situational Aspects) is in this area, attack them each exchange using Infection. Any mild consequence taken from this attack are called Exposed To Filth Fever; any moderate consequence is called Infected With Filth Fever; and any severe consequence is called Ravaged By Filth Fever.

D5: Devastated Nursery

Four troglodytes are in this room arguing in Draconic about whether they should desert the cheif Ugglio and leave for safer pastures, or stay. They are distracted by their discourse.

If the adventurers attack, the last trog standing is an apostate from the tribes cult known as Sulgesh. He'll surrender, beg for his life, and spill the exposition about the recent escalation in violence in the fued between the boggards and the troglodytes.

D6: Shrine To Zevgavizeb

Uggilo, the tribes priest of Zevgavizeb and sole remaining leader, is in this area. He is attended by two fanatical troglodytes who believe that their servitude to the cleric will earn them special roles in the afterlife. They maintain posts near the entrance to this cavern, hidden against the walls. If they notice any intruders they shriek a warning and step out to attack the adventurers before the intruders can fully enter the room, giving Uggilo time to prepare to meet this new threat. Uggilo also has a pet caveigator.

D7: Back Tunnel Entrance

This area contains violet fungi, one of the more macabre low level dungeon denizens. A man-sized ambulatory mushroom with tentacles that instantaneously whither flesh to the bone. These things are not to be messed around with. Fortunately they are easy to take out from a distance, and those wearing a lot of metal armor or something similarly inorganic are less imperiled by those wearing leather or cloth.

A Man-sized Tentacled Purple Mushroom

Good At: Seeing Without Sight (+1)

Bad At: Sentience (-4), Attacking Opponents Wearing Significant Amounts Of Inorganic Protection (-1 [a shield] to -6 [full plate mail with visored helm])

Hits: [1][1][1]  

Up to five (5) Violet Fungi will form a mob. Add three (3) hit boxes and +1 to attack with Necrotic Touch for each additional Violet Fungus.

Violet Fungus

Plant Traits: Because of my verdant nature, I am immune to mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, morale effects, patterns, and phantasms), paralysis, poison, polymorph, sleep, and stun. However I take +1 shift of stress from attacks that rely on cold, fire, acid, or are described as being especially effective vs plant life.

Necrotic Touch (-4): Because my tentacles have the ability to instantly whither and rot a living creature's flesh to the bone with a mere touch, I gain +8 to attack a target in my zone and consequences inflicted by me tend to involve massive permanent scarring, whithered limbs, and similar major physical maiming.

Slow Movement (+3): Because I am only able to travel very slowly, it takes me three exchanges to move one zone and I may not move and attack in the same exchange.

A violet fungus feeds on the rot and decay of organic matter, but unlike most fungi, they are not passive consumers of corruption. A violet fungi's tendrils can strike with unexpected swiftness, and are coated with a virulent venom that causes flesh to rot and decay with nauseating speed.

This potent poison, if left untreated, can cause the flesh of an entire arm or leg to drop away in no time at all, leaving behind only warm bones that soon rot into corruption as well.

The violet fungus is one of the most notorious and feared dangers of the world's caves. A traveler can often see signs of the violet fungus in those who dwell or hunt in places where these carnivorous fungi lurk. In these folk, deep and hideous scars mar bodies where entire furrows of flesh seem scooped away—the marks of a close encounter with a violet fungus. Although violet fungi are mobile, they only move to attack or to hunt for prey.

A violet fungus that has a steady supply of rot to sup upon is generally content to remain in one place. Many underground-dwelling cultures take advantage of this penchant, particularly troglodytes and vegepygmies, and keep multiple violet fungi in key junctions and entrances to their caverns as guardians, making sure to keep them well fed with carrion to prevent them wandering farther into the den in search of food.

E: Cavern of Many Mouths

A dangerous pyrohydra lurks here and it is a menace. This can be an extremely deadly encounter for the adventurers.

The GM should be sure to read the source material carefully to understand the nature of the encounter, the layout of the caves, and so forth.

If a suitably epic encounter occurs and the pyrohydra is dealt with permanently and stylishly, such an outcome would likely feel like a 'big success' to the players, and the GM might consider awarding an extra significant milestone to cement it.

Area E

F: Boggard Village

The boggard village is currently in a subdued state due to a political coup that has seen the Chieftan on the outs. Long story short, the boggards were cooperating with the Grey Maidens, but the Maidens have been out of touch and also Chief Daghop was not a big fan of the Maidens. Things very recently came to a head and the Chief lost. Consult the Lady's Light book for all the details.

The adventurers theoretically might be able to reach an accord with Mama Beballa, but she's pretty invested in the Grey Maiden alliance at this point.

Area F

If the adventurers do not encounter the village, they will later encounter Mama Beballa, the bogwid, and eight boggards underneath the Lady's Light as Mama attempts to reconnect with the Grey Maidens after having successfully killed off Daghop and taking full control of the tribe.

In areas that note that boggards are present, unless otherwise indicated refer to the below write-up and set the Stress to equal the number of boggards in the area.

Humanoid Frog, Atavistically Evil, Long Sticky Tongue

Good At: Being Amphibious (+2), Marsh Fighting (+2)

Bad At: Complex Thinking (-2), Resisting Blunt Trauma (-2)

Hits: [1]  

Up to ten (10) boggards will form a mob. Add one (1) hit box per boggard. +1 while attacking and defending for every three (3) boggards remaining.

F1: Inhabited Huts

There are numerous inhabited huts around the village, containing between one and three boggards. Roll a single Fate die; on a + there is one boggard, on a blank there are two, and on a - there are three.

F2: Village Campfire

There is no encounter here, unless the adventurers alert the boggards to their presense.

F3: Bogwid Pit

A bogwid is a strange creature looking like part octopus and part frog. The boggards have domesticated one and keep it as a sort of mascot. It will attack non-boggards that get close enough to it.

Carrier Of Bogwid Fever, Amphibious, Incredibly Disgusting Aberration

Good At: Hiding In Swamps (+4), Pummelling With Tentacles (+4)

Bad At: Resisting Edged Weapons (-2), Figuring Things Out (-2), Being Dried Out (-2)

Stress [1][2][3]

Mild (2)

Moderate (4)

Severe (6)

Do not treat as a mob.

This nightmare shambles along the ground on eight muscular tentacles that leave behind a clear viscous residue stinking of putrefaction. Its amphibian skin is moist, green-black, and covered in warts and protuberances. On its back, dozens of fist-sized pustules shift and pulsate with nauseating vitality, like sentient oily bubbles threatening to burst.


Darkvision: Because I have Darkvision I can see perfectly in total darkness.

Resistances: Because I am a freakish aberration, I reduce stress inflicted on me by fire and acid damage by two (2).

Revolting Aura: Because I am a both visually and odoriferously revolting aberration, I gain +4 to create advantage as a free action against all other non-aberrations in my zone at the beginning of each exchange, and on those entering my zone, and on those whose zone I enter to add the situational Aspect Sickened to each affected target. Targets can defend against this while Focused or if they have Combative +3 or higher they may use Combative instead. A given target can only be targeted by this ability once per conflict.

Hurl Offspring: Because I grow disgusting symbiotic offspring on my back, I gain +4 to attack a target in my zone or an adjacent zone by throwing one of my offspring at them. If successful instead of doing damage immediately I attach one of my offspring to the target, and my offspring will start attacking the target on its own. See Bogwid Spawn profile for details.

Summoning Difficulty: +4

Carrier Of Bogwid Fever, Blood Sucking Parasite

Good At: Latching On To Victim (+4), Sucking Blood From Victim (+4)

Bad At: Resisting Edged Weapons (-2), Doing Anything Other Than Sucking Blood From Victim (-4)

Hits: [1][1]

Treat as individuals.

Attached Damage: Because I latch on to my victim and am hard to get rid of, when I am latched on and someone attacks me while not being Careful, half of the damage inflicted on me is inflicted on my victim as well.

F4: Cheiftan's Hut

Chief Daghop's three boggard 'wives' remain here, guarding his stuff. They are hostile to the other boggards in the camp due to the current political coup, and can be reasoned with if the adventurers do not enter the hut. Otherwise they fight to the death. They carry daggers poisoned with filt fever as well as morning stars or clubs.

If the adventurers loot the hut, they might find almost a thousand gold in mixed coins and six chrysoberyls worth around a hundred gold each.

F5: The Breeding Shallows

Four bogwiggles live in this pond guarding the boggards spawning pool.

Amphibious, Aggressive

Good At: Nasty Bites (+2), Swimming (+2)

Hits: [1][1]

Bogwiggles fight as individuals.

Amphibious, Aggressive

Good At: Nasty Bites (+2), Swimming (+2)

Hits: [1][1]

Bogwiggles fight as individuals.

Amphibious, Aggressive

Good At: Nasty Bites (+2), Swimming (+2)

Hits: [1][1]

Bogwiggles fight as individuals.

Amphibious, Aggressive

Good At: Nasty Bites (+2), Swimming (+2)

Hits: [1][1]

Bogwiggles fight as individuals.

F6: Brood Mother's Hut
F7: Filth Farm

A single troglodyte prisoner is bound hand and foot amongst the cultivated midden the boggards are using to infect their weapons with filth fever. The troglodyte is nearly dead from filth fever but holding on. If the adventurers heal and release her, it goes a long way towards turning the trog tribe into allies.

G: Temple of Gogunta

NOTE: These caves connect (eventually) with the entrance chamber to the Lady's Light, and presents one of the easier ways to get in.

This area is a shrine to the boggard's goddess, Gogunta. The disgruntled chief has retreated to here after suffering a political defeat.

G1: Outer Shrine

Four boggards loyal to Daghop play at dice in this area. They attack at the first sign of intrusion.

Area G
G2: The Sulking Cheiftan

The deposed cheiftan, Daghop, sulks within this cave. However, if he hears his minions in G1 come under attack or sound an alarm, Daghop will charge in and unhesitatingly attack.

H: The Lady's Light

Area H

I: Solifugid Nest

An astounding number of strange albino insectoid creatures, each the size of a man's finger, scuttle and scurry along the walls.

But while the finger-sized creatures that swarm the cave are harmless solifugids, the three man-sized albino cave solifugids who lurk here pose a more serious threat; they scuttle along the walls to try to attack intruders by surprise.

Solifugids are spiderlike arachnids with oversized claws and frightening vertically aligned maws.

Area I

Many-legged Man-Sized Insect, Pincer Claws

Good At: Pincers & Bite (+4), Unusual Senses (+2), Sneaky (+2)

Bad At: Sentience (-2), Resisting Blunt Force (-2)

Stress [1][2][3]

Mild (2)

Moderate (4)

Do not treat as a mob.

Albino Cave Solifugid

Ambusher: Because I am so good at ambushing my prey, if I am able to surprise an opponent I gain +4 to attack in the first exchange.

J: Entrance Chamber

Area J

Caryatid's are tough opponents and there are four of them, so this should be a pretty solid encounter for the adventurers.

From here the adventure transitions into Part 3, The Lady's Light.