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Combat Veteran (-2): Because I have engaged in so much combat, I gain +1 when I am Combative and attack or defend.

Powerful Attack: Because I am so skilled at delivering forceful attacks, I gain +2 when I am Forcefully Combative and attack while armed with a weapon.

Heavy Armor Training: Because I have extensively trained to properly use heavy armor, I gain +1 to defend against non-social attacks when I am heavily armored.

Indomitable: Because I refuse to give in and I always vigorously protect myself, I get +1 when I am Forceful and defend if I am aware that I am in danger.

Canny Guard: Because of my skill and experience as a warrior it is difficult to catch me off guard. When I am defending against physical attacks and tie, my opponent does not get a boost.

Maiden's Helm (-2): Because I wear a magical helmet that radiates intimidating and frightenting emanations, I gain +1 when being Forceful and attempting to frighten or demoralize. Additionally it confers greater power a few times per day.

Impressive Looking Silvery Helmet, Moderately Magical (Arcane)

Uses: [1][1][1]

+4 when Forcefully issuing verbal commands to an individual or a mob of mooks in my zone or an adjacent zone. This is a mind-affecting Arcane ability.