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Darkvision: Because I have Darkvision I can see perfectly in total darkness.

Alertness: Because I am unusually alert and perceptive I gain +2 while Focused to notice things.

Launchable Tail Spikes (-2): Because I have a freakish spiked tail with launchable spikes, I gain +2 while Forcefully Focused to launch spikes as an attack against one or more targets within three zones of me. If I split shifts to affect multiple targets, each target suffers a -1 penalty to their defense roll; however if I opt to do this I can only split shifts between targets within the same zone as each other.

Fly By: Because I am able to swoop in at speed, when I am flying I may move an extra zone and attack, or move 1 zone and attack and then immediately move 1 more zone away. When I use this ability I must move in a more or less straight line, but I can gain and lose altitude along my path.

Dive Bomber: Because I am good at using my natural flight and great mass to execute murderous fly-bys and dive bombs, I gain +2 to attack a target in my zone while Forcefully Focused when I am flying and swoop or dive down within striking range of my target.

Stalking Hunter: Because I am so good at stalking, hunting, and pouncing upon prey unnoticed, I get +2 when I am Sneakily Primal and create advantage or overcome challenges to set up and execute ambushes while in wildlands.

Trapsetter: Because I am skilled at setting traps, as a non-action I can spend a Fate point to create the situational Aspect Trapped! on my zone or up to three (3) zones away with two (2) invokes. The Aspect represents a trap I happened to have set up while no one was looking, or a clever exploitation of the ambient scenery. My traps can take many forms, limited only to things I can narratively justify. I can invoke the Aspect to hinder someone in the affected zone or to help myself or an ally acting against someone in the affected zone. The difficulty for others to notice my trap before the first time it is invoked or to overcome it is equal to my (Clever + Sneaky + Primal) traits if in a wildlands area, otherwise it is equal to my (Clever + Sneaky + Roguish) traits.

Unlike most of his kind, Neegog is a bit of a hoarder and keeps some 'trophies' from his kills in a small pile in his lair. He does not keep things based upon market value or of pragmatism however. Rather, he likes things that are durable and pretty such as a few pieces of common jewelry, a finely-wrought plumed helmet, a once very nice brass and silvered steel captain's spyglass that is still in decent condition despite a very small crack in one corner of the lens, and a heavy crystal decanter containing pale bluish liquid that catches the light in an entrancing way.

The two most significant pieces of jewelry are a thick mixed gold ring with a tiny but very well cut ruby worth perhaps several hundred gold, and a fine silver locket containing a cameo of a pretty young lady (no inscription).

The spyglass is quite functional, and in fact worth around a thousand gold even with the very minor (and repairable) crack in the lens. More to the point, it provides a significant tool for distance viewing and might prove useful to the adventurers.

The crystal decanter holds a potion of water breathing with three uses. It has a complicated wire-hinged bung stopper, allowing it to be opened and resealed. Even once the existing potion usages are consumed, the decanter is reusable. Further, it is quite heavy as it weighs in around eight pounds; it would serve ably as a makeshift club in a pinch.

Finally, the silvery red-plumed helmet is a Maiden's Helm, the distinctive helmet worn by the infamous failed order of lady knights who once terrorized Korvosa in Queen Ileosa's name. It radiates moderate enchantment magic. Anyone with recent Korvosan experience recognizes the helm immediately for what it is. Clever characters with some background in Varisia or general knowledge of Korvosa recognize it if they overcome a Good (+3) difficulty. Otherwise, Clever characters who overcomes a Superb (+5) difficulty have some inkling as to what it is.

Neegog acquired the helmet by trapping and killing a few Grey Maidens who were out on a patrol several months ago. He liked the patrol leader's fancy helmet and kept it. At the GM's option he had never seen Grey Maidens before or since, or he is aware that a small force of them has been active closer to the Lady's Light monument in recent months.

Should the adventurers force Neegog to his lair and attempt to take his trophies while he is still alive, it will anger the manticore. Though he will hold to whatever agreement he has already explicitly been forced to, this greivance will be remembered and cause Neegog to be passive aggressive and attempt to either 'accidentally' lead the adventurers into greater danger or else abandon them to their fate as soon as is possible.

On the other hand if the adventurers bargain or strike a reasonable deal with Neegog for some or all of his trophies and the manticore feels that he was dealt with fairly, it will render him somewhat less antagonistic to the adventurers; he becomes more likely to let bygones be bygones and seek to part ways amicably.