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Lord Baz


Immune To Fire: Because I am immune to fire, I take no ill effect from any attack that relies on fire.

Immune To Poison: Because I am immune to poison, I am unaffected by any malign effect that relies on poison.

Defensive Invisibility: Because I can turn Invisibile, I gain +2 to defend or overcome while Sneakily Roguish as long as I don't attack or create advantage.

Demonic Teleportation (-3): Because of my devilish nature I am able to teleport myself. At will, I can remove myself from the Scene by teleporting elsewhere. My range is limited to somewhere within approximately 500 miles of my current location.

Diseased Bite: Because I have a diseased bite, I gain +2 while Sneakily Roguish to bite a target in my zone; if they take a Moderate or Severe consequence I can force it to be called Devil Chills!

Summon Lemures (-2): Because I am a devil of some (minor) stature, once per session as an action I can summon three lemures and command them to serve me for a scene. See the Lemure profile for details.

Summoning Difficulty: +6

Mindless Drone, The Least of Devils, Outsider

Good At: Clumsily Attacking (+2), Being Disgusting (+2)

Bad At: Independent Thought (-8)

Hits: [1][1][1]  [1][1][1]  [1][1][1]  

Treat as a mob, each three stress represents one Lemure.


Darkvision: Because I have Darkvision I can see perfectly in total darkness.

Diabolic Durability: Because my infernal nature makes me much more durable than normal, I reduce by two (2) all stress inflicted on me by physical attacks. However this does not work against magic, cold iron, or weapons blessed by a benign deity.

Diabolic Immunity (-3): Because of my infernal nature, I am immune to electricity, fire, disease, and poison. However, positive energy inflicts two (2) extra shifts of stress against me.