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Undead Resistances (-4): Because I am Undead I am immune to death effects, disease, mental effects, paralysis, poison, sleep, stun, and energy drain. I also don't need to breathe and never get tired. However, postive energy inflicts 2 extra shifts of stress against me, and also I take stress from healing magics.

Fast Attack!: Because I am shockingly fast, I gain +1 when I Quickly attack. If I inflict a consequence on my target I get an extra free invoke on it.

Improved Disarm: Because I like to disarm others, I get +1 when I am Quick and attempt to create advantage to attach the situational Aspect Disarmed to other people who weild weapons.

Natural Weapons: Because I have natural weapons and am skilled in their use, I may use Focused instead of Combative when my natural weapons are relevant. In situations where it matters I can choose to be treated as attacking barehanded or attacking with a weapon, whichever benefits me more in the situation. Finally, though I can be inconvenienced and my natural weapons can be fouled or restrained, being disarmed is generally off the table for me.

Paralyzing Bite: Because I am a lacedon, I gain +2 while Sneakily Focused to create advantage Paralyzed on a target I bite. This does not work on Elves.