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Skulker: Because I am so good at escaping notice, I get +2 while I am Sneakily Roguish and create advantage or overcome challenges to avoid notice.

Devotee Of Murder: Because I am favored by my patron deity Shax, the demon lord of lies and murder, while I am being Sneakily Roguish I may add my Divine capability to attack opponents who I have stalked and ambushed with intent to murder.

Flee The Scene: Because I am well experienced at fleeing a murder scene unnoticed, if I am fleeing the scene of one of my assaults or murders I may move an extra zone each exchange, and I may add my Divine Archetype as a bonus to overcome while I am Quickly Roguish and engaged in contests with anyone trying to catch me. This ability does not work in rural areas.

Stone Of Silence: Once per session I may use a stone with a silence spell cast upon it to add the situational Aspect Zone Of Silence! up to 2 zones away as a free action. If the stone is moved to another zone, the Aspect moves with it. In addition to canceling all sound in the affected zone (both incoming and outgoing), The Zone Of Silence also provides Great (+4) active defense against all spell casting originating within the affected zone, and can be overcome and removed by a character with Arcane, Divine, or Primal of +3 or higher opposed by a Epic (+7) difficulty.

Unholy Bane Dagger: Because I have a magical dagger 'blessed' with unholy bane, I inflict an extra shift of damage when I use it to successfully attack devout followers of benign deities.

5 pp, 12 gp, 13 sp, extra nice studded leathers, buckler, fancy dagger with the holy symbol of Shax engraved upon it that makes reighteous folk quite uneasy to be near, brass key in the shape of the holy symbol of Sarenrae.