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Reverberation: Because I know many Words of Power, if I am currently able to speak as a non-action I may spend a Fate point to utter a Word and immediately remove from play any one situational Aspect in my zone or an adjacent zone with a difficulty of Legendary (+8) or less to overcome. Though there is no 4dF roll involved, I am considered to be acting in a Flashily Arcane manner when I do this and the reverberations of the Word are very noticeable.

Heed Me!: Because I have spoken so many Words of Power my voice has been forever altered; I may use Arcane for social interactions if I can talk and my target can hear me. I am resisted by Arcane when I do so. This is a form of mind-affecting magic.

Arcane Bolts: Because I have mastered the art of Arcane Bolts, I gain +2 when I am Flashily Arcane and attack with ranged magic.

Arcane Aegis: Because I have mastered protecting myself with magic, I may use Arcane to defend against physical attacks without needing to first create an advantage to invoke.

11 gp, 5 sp, 34 cp, luxurious arcane robes, material components, hidden dagger, letters of credit from the Cathedral of Abadar bank in Magnimar totalling to 500 gp.

  • Minor (2): no change
  • Significant (1): +1 Forceful
  • Major (0):