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Chapter 1

Dawn of the Scarlet Sun

The Dawn Of The Scarlet Sun: wherein the ambiguous arcanist Voxel assembles an unlikely team of "specialists"; a half-ogre former gladiator named Oarg, and a strange tiefling calling himself Byragh. Voxel drives his unlikely squad onward towards his own esoteric purpose; the acquistion of the Shard of Greed.

GM Resources lists the various opponents and challenges the adventurers will face in this adventure, including the fiendishly powerful succubus Avalexi and her minions.

Player Characters

The ringleader and motivating force of this group, Voxel has learned of the Shard of Pride and knows that Avalexi has it. He does not know the full story of the Shards of Sin but he knows and suspects enough to seek them for his own ends. Towards that goal, he is assembling a group to perpetrate a heist to steal it from Avalexi.

Voxel also knows about Zadendi's little murder spree on behalf of Avalexi, but the only reason he cares about that is the risk of the Watch or some do-gooding heroes coming along and uncovering Avalexi's lair possibly resulting in the Shard falling into hands other than his own.

Initially Byragh is a hireling of Voxel's. But his way is his own and he will not be content to follow directions for long.

This is Oarg's first "real job" after leaving the gladiatorial ring behind and he is initially eager to please his employer.

Voxel has hired Oarg for his durability and fighting prowess in case the heist goes bad, assuming that the Ogrekin will have no moral qualms or inconvenient ethics. However despite the Ogrekin stereotype Oarg is not a bad person, and if put in a position to make a hard moral decision will likely not act as Voxel expects.


Session 1: Voxel seeks out Byragh, just in time to help fend off an attack by the cowardly Scarni gang known as the Creepers!

Session 2: Voxel takes Byragh to an inn where the third member of their ersatz team awaits, the hulking Ogrish gladiator Oarg. Voxel lays out the grand plan to break into the catacombs underneath the failed Sarenrae shrine to snatch the Shard of Pride directly out from under the noses of a Cult of Shax lead by a full on demon...and then they set out to actually do it. Things didn't work out as smoothly in the execution phase as they did in the planning phase, but at the end of a series of hard fights the trio managed to abscond with a locked and warded chest almost certainly containing the Shard.

Session 3: Voxel and crew return to the End of the Line Inn. Voxel broke the wards on the chest and Oarg pried it open. Inside, the prize! The Shard of Greed. Voxel took out a small iridescent stone and affixed it to a divot on the side of the shard, where it locked into place; only then did he take the Shard into his hand. However, in the minutes that followed Byragh distracted Voxel with demands for his payment, only to spring into action while the warlock was extracting coins from his purse. Snatching the Shard from the table where Voxel had carelessly put it down, Byragh dashed for a window and dove out of it to plummet to the ground below. Voxel and Oarg pursued, but they had been tracked down by the mad demonologist D'laxia! Levitating towards the inn, she gated in Zadendi and a very angry looking succubus. Chaos ensued!