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Big Fish Indeed

The misadventures and hapless hijinks of the ill-matched odd couple of Royce the Rascally Raconteur and Kazzar the Mighty! We join the unlikely pair in Sandpoint, where they first met, and watch bemused as events unfold.

But rest assured that no matter how unlikely it might seem, one day they will be big fish in the criminal underworld; very big fish indeed!

GM's Resources

Cast Of Characters: Various opponents and NPC's the PC's have met along the way.

Player Characters

The following characters have been played as PC's in this adventure:


Session 1: Kazzar comes to Sandpoint, and promptly engages in a prolonged one-man invasion of the Sandpoint Mercantile League for no apparent reason at all!

Session 2: Royce, hearing rumors of some kind of super valuable gem being secretly held for shipment at the Sandpoint Mercantile League and the bold interloper who tried to claim it, decided to seek out Kazzar and enlist his aid in another attempted break-in!