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Artificing Guidelines

Magic Items

Artificing Guidelines Creating Permanent Magic Items Creating Ephemeral Magic Items Artificing Skill List
NOTE: It is highly recommended that you read the Magic Item Guidelines document prior to this document.
The act of creating Magic Items is referred to as Artificing. The following section describes in detail the rules that I use across many different Magic Systems for the creation of Magic Items, both "Permanent" and "Ephemeral".
This method of creating items is used by several of the Magic Systems that I have designed (which are available elsewhere on the site) and this document is used as a reference for players in my games, so there are some references to those Magic Systems in various places. However other GM's can still use this model for their own Magic Systems even if they don't use the Magic Systems referenced.
Some of the Magic Systems presented on this site have alternate means of creating Magic Items or equivalents thereof. When such is the case, the full rules for how that Magic System accomplishes this are provided in that Magic System's description.
  • CREATING PERMANENT MAGIC ITEMS: This document contains the full guidelines and recommendations for creating Permanent Magic Items such as Magical Swords, Armor, Rings, Staves, Boots, Bags, and the like.
  • CREATING EPHEMERAL MAGIC ITEMS: This document contains the full guidelines and recommendations for creating Ephemeral Magic Items such as Scrolls, Potions, and Wands.
  • ARTIFICING SKILL LIST SUMMARY: A high level summary of various differing Artificing Skills and the Magic Systems that use them.
NOTE: The Spellcraft ability used by some practitioners of the various Vancian Magic Systems presented on this web site cannot be used to make Magic Items. Magic Users that rely on Spellcraft and lack the appropriate Magic Skills for their style of Magic may not create Magic Items.