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Vancian System Prepared Casting Gestalt Casting Spontaneous Casting
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The following links provide the information applicable to the Vancian Magic System
VANCIAN MAGIC: This site provides a comprehensive meta system of Magic referred to collectively as "Vancian Magic". It is patterned after the "fire & forget" style of casting described in some of the works of author Jack Vance, which became an integral part of how many people think of magic use in  Fantasy RPG's as the basic idea was adapted to become the core of the D&D style of magic use. The Vancian Magic Systems presented on this site are all Charges based, organize Spells into Spell Levels, are able to use the concept of "Metamagic Feat" Talents, and by and large should be very usable by those who like the D&D X/Day /Spell Level style of Magic Use.
  • VANCIAN CASTING MODELS: Three separate Casting Models that work within the concept of Vancian Magic are provided. Each have their pros and cons:
    • PREPARED CASTING: This Casting Model uses a limited Variable Power Pool (VPP) that can only contain Spells with 1 Charge each, which must be prepared to the VPP once per day. However, to compensate for this the VPP's Real Cost limit is greatly expanded.
    • GESTALT CASTING: This Casting Model uses a partially cosmic VPP that can only contain Spells that share a limited number of Charges with all other Spells of the same "Spell Level". While very flexible, this Casting Model is also very expensive.
    • SPONTANEOUS CASTING: This Casting Model uses a stacked series of limited Multipowers (MP's), on per "Spell Level", with a limited number of Charges on both the Reserves and individual Spell Slots. While extremely flexible and easy to use, this Casting Model is expensive, individual Spells must be paid for as slots, and eventually the system gets outpaced by both the Prepared and Gestalt Casting Models at higher point levels.
  • VANCIAN PACKAGE DEALS: Many Package Deals for various Vancian Magic Systems.
  • VANCIAN SPELLS: Numerous Spell write ups divided by types of Magic are provided for use with the various Vancian Magic Systems on this site. Many of these Spells are direct conversions of D&D Spells.