Binding: Slumber
Wizardry Enchantment Level 8
Real Cost: 38 Active Points: 129
Provider: Killer Shrike Source: D&D 3e Core
Mind-Affecting, Compulsion
Long Term Endurance Lost Paid When Spell Is Cast
Suppress STUN 4d6, Uncontrolled (+1/2), 1 Continuing Charge lasting 1 Year (+1 1/4), Invisible Power Effects, Hide effects of Power (Fully Invisible, Hearing Group; +2 1/2) (105 Active Points); Side Effects, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (Side Effect always occurs whenever the character does some specific act; Caster takes 27 LTE loss; -1/2), Extra Time (Extra Phase, Only to Activate Constant or Persistent Power, -1/2), Gestures (Requires both hands; -1/2), Concentration 0 DCV (-1/2), Requires A Skill Roll (RSR Skill is subject to Skill vs. Skill contests, No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll Magic Skill vs Spell Resistance; -1/4), Cannot Be Used With Multiple-Power Attacks (-1/4) (Real Cost: 30)
Life Support (Eating: Character does not eat; Longevity: Immortal), 1 Continuing Charge lasting 1 Year (+0), Uncontrolled (+1/2), Persistent (+1/2), UAA (+1) (24 Active Points); Concentration 0 DCV (-1/2), Gestures (Requires both hands; -1/2), Extra Time (Extra Phase, Only to Activate, -1/2), Linked (Go to sleep; -1/2), Greater Power is Constant or in use most or all of the time (+1/4), Incantations (-1/4) (Real Cost: 8)
HERO System 5th Edition