Leomunds Secret Chest
Wizardry Conjuration Level 4
Real Cost: 10 Active Points: 70
Provider: Killer Shrike Source: D&D 3e Core
The Secret Chest is the Recoverable Charge. The character may Recover the Chest at any time within 60 days at will as a Half-Phase Action.
Extra-Dimensional Movement (Single Dimension, Any Location), x4 Increased Weight, Usable As Attack (+1) (70 Active Points); Extra Time (5 Minutes, -2), Only Usable on things that can fit in a chest (-1 3/4), 1 Recoverable Charge (-1 1/4), OIF (-1/2), Incantations (-1/4), Concentration 1/2 DCV (-1/4), Gestures (-1/4)
HERO System 5th Edition