Tree Lizardmen
The Tree Lizardmen are small, approximately the same size as halflings in most settings, and are specialized at living in trees. They have small suckers on the ends of their hands and feet and are able to climb with alarming ease. They have a flat wedge shaped head with relatively large protruding eyes and small teeth.
Not as vulnerable to cold as Desert Lizardmen the Tree Lizardmen are able to live in more temperate zones during the summer, passing the winter months in semi-hibernation. The Tree Lizardmen are content to a simple, mostly peaceful existence, living in trees and searching for insect larvae. By and large they are not hostile to other sentient creatures unless provoked.
GM's Permission required.
Cost Ability
18 Agile: +6 DEX
6 Coolheaded: +3 EGO
14 Blindingly Fast: +1 SPEED plus Round SPEED off
10 Dodgy: +2 DCV
4 Fleet: +2" Running
2 Tree Leaper: +2" Leaping
5 Tree Walker: Environmental Movement: Offset Narrow Surface, Climbing, Cramped Penalties in Trees
5 Starlight Eyes: Nightvision
1 Tail: Extra Limbs (1 Limb only; -2), (Limited Manipulation;-1/2)
8 Fast Healing: Regenerate 1 BODY/Hour, Regrow Lost Limbs
5 Sharp Teeth: 1 pip Hand Killing Attack
5 Varanoidean Senses: Fully Discriminatory with Normal Smell
10 Varanoidean Senses: Targeting with Normal Smell
8 Lizard Mind: +10 Mental Defense; Not vs Other Lizardmen (-1/4)
12 Sucker-tips: Clinging +6 STR
15 Hibernate: Simulate Death plus Life Support , Eating: Character does not eat, Immunity: All terrestrial diseases and biowarfare agents, Immunity: All terrestrial poisons and chemical warfare agents, Longevity: 200 Years, Safe in Intense Cold, Self-Contained Breathing (36 Active Points); Only While Simulating Death (-2)
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-5 Distinctive Feature: Tree Lizardmen Lizardman (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Not Distinctive in Some Cultures)
-5 Physical Limitation: Small  (2.5 ft - 4 ft; 50 to 110 lbs)
-3 Frail: -3 STR
-6 Spindly: -3 CON
-6 Fragile: -3 BODY
-4 Slow Metabolism: -2 REC
-2 Dim: -2 INT
-3 Unimpressive: -3 PRE
-4 Earless: -2 PER Hearing
-30 Susceptible to cold weather (sub 50 degrees), VCommon per Segment 1d6


Total Cost of Package
Cost Option
2 Remove Not vs Other Lizardmen (-1/4) from Lizard Mind