Sauroids are not descended from lizards, or at least not your garden variety sort of lizards. They are descended from dragons, or dinosaurs, or something else appropriate to a given setting and are mighty.
Sauroids tend to be aggressive and, dare I say it, draconian. Many of their kind are warrior trained even if they practice some other profession and they are naturally talented in that direction as well.
In addition to their scaly hides and sharp teeth and nails, they have wings but they are not large or strong enough to allow true flight for most Sauroids and are used to glide instead as long as not too much weight is being carried. Some Sauroids are thin and lightweight though and can acheive flight.
GM's Permission required.
Cost Ability
3 Mighty: +3 STR
6 Fit: +3 CON
6 Durable: +3 BODY
5 Intimidating: +5 PRE
3 Armored Hide: Damage Resistance 3/3
5 Sensitive Eyes: Infravision
6 Glidiing Wings: Gliding 8", Restrainable (-1/2)
1 Tail: Extra Limbs (1 Limb only; -2), (Limited Manipulation;-1/2)
15 Sharp Teeth and Nails: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 1d6 (plus STR) (vs. PD) variable SFX (Teeth or Claws, +1/4) (19 Active Points); Reduced Penetration (-1/4) [2 END]
9 Tail Swipe: Hand-To-Hand Attack +2d6 (20 Active Points); Hand-To-Hand Attack (-1/2)
[2 END] plus +1 OCV w/ Tail Swipe
5 Saurian Senses: Fully Discriminatory with Normal Smell
10 Saurian Senses: Targeting with Normal Smell
8 Saurian Mind: +10 Mental Defense; Not vs Other Sauroids (-1/4)
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-5 Distinctive Feature: Sauroid Lizardman (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Not Distinctive in Some Cultures)
-5 Physical Limitation: 400-600 lbs, 7 to 9ft tall
-2 Dim: -2 INT
-4 Earless: -2 PER Hearing
-1 Poor Leaper: -1" Leaping


Total Cost of Package
Cost Option
2 Remove Not vs Other Sauroids (-1/4) from Saurian Mind
+1 Remove Gliding Wings
  Remove Mighty
  Remove Durable
  Add Flying Wings: 12" Flight; Restrainable (-1/2)