Lss'Rss may be Psionicists
From the World of SanDora Setting
The Lss'Rss resemble nearly man sized common garden lizards. They are skinny almost to the point of frailness, very light weight for their size, have lightly scaled but tender skin that usually is of a brown or tan color, and typically with individual specimens displaying recognizable patterns of different colored scales.
Lss'Rss are possessed of incredible speed and agility. They generally stand about 5'5" to 5'9" tall and weigh around 100 to 150 lbs. To a human observer Lss'Rss look weaker than they actually are; though fragile compared to healthy humans, they are stronger and more durable than a human of the same size and girth would be.
Lss'Rss fall into a hibernatory state if exposed to cold temperatures for too long due to their cold blooded nature.
Lss'Rss have a fair degree of natural talent with Psionics, particularly Telepathy and Psychokinesis. Of particular note a Psychometabolic technique designed to maintain body heat is fairly common among Lss'Rss psionicists, who are demographically approximately 1 in 1000 among the Lss'Rss.
In the World of San'Dora the Lss'Rss are the controllers of an Empire of Lizardfolk, collectively called the Ullu, which once spanned thousands of miles and as many years of rule. However, the powerful nation once known as Ullu'shur'a has been fragmented into three parts by the Cataclysm. The largest part occupies the middle span of the east side of the southern continent and still carries the name of Ullu'shur'a into the modern day. To the north and east of this, along the northern shore of the same continent lays Lrss'ur'a and across the Straits of Upinthia from there lays Sys'an'sriss on the eastern flank of the Gersaan peninsula.
Ullu'shur'a is ruled by a an upper elite of Lss'Rss psionicists that rules over the other subraces of Ullu and non psionic Lss'Rss alike with a ruthless hand. Lrss'ur'a contains only Lss'Rss and is ruled by a mercantile elite in practical terms, but has mirror of the psionicist oriented hierarchy of Ullu'shur'a as it's official rulership. Finally, Sys'an'sriss is home only to the Shor'aniss and Hss'Sariss sub races due to a revolt by the Shor'aniss a little over 1200 years ago.
The other two subraces of Ullu are a tad on the primitive side, but the Lss'Rss are able to compete with Humans on even footing in both the intellectual and social arena, and are often encountered in various trading ports in and around the Sea of Osolandia and the Straits of Upinthia, Aruthol, Gorosh, and even Zadesh. Due to their inability to tolerate cold they are rarely to never seen in the lands of the Nordmanner however.
GM's Permission is required to play a Lss'Rss as they may not exist in the Campaign Setting or may be unsuitable as Player Characters.
Cost Ability
24 Quick: +8 DEX
10 Coolheaded: +5 EGO
12 Really Fast: +1 SPEED plus Round SPEED off
5 Dodgy: +1 DCV
4 Fleet: +2" Running
2 Hold Breath: Extended Breathing: 2 Levels
2 Tail: Extra Limbs Inherent (+1/4), 1 Limb only (-2), (Limited Manipulation;-1/2)
8 Fast Healing: Regenerate 1 BODY/Hour, Regrow Lost Limbs
5 Sharp Teeth: 1 pip Hand Killing Attack
5 Reptilian Mind: +5 Mental Defense
77 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-5 Distinctive Feature: Lss'Rss Ullu (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Not Distinctive in Some Cultures)
-2 Frail: -2 STR
-4 Spindly: -2 CON
-4 Fragile: -2 BODY
-4 Slow Metabolism: -2 REC
-2 Passive: -2 INT
-2 Unimpressive: -2 PRE
-4 Earless: -2 PER Hearing
-15 Susceptible to Cold Weather: (sub 50 degrees), VCommon per Minute 1d6


Total Cost of Package
Cost Ability
+5 Amphibian Eyes: UV Vision
+4 Amphibian Grace: +2" Swimming plus 0 END on 4" Swimming
  • Amphibian Grace: +2" Swimming plus 0 END on 6" Swimming
+10 Blindingly Fast: +1 SPEED
+9 Ambidexterity (Eliminate Off Hand Penalty entirely)
+15 Blind Fighting: Combat Sense 11-
+5 Reptilian Mind: +5 Mental Defense
-5 Extra Susceptible to Cold: Increase to per Turn 1d6
  • Really Susceptible to Cold: Increase to per Phase 1d6
  •      Extremely Susceptible to Cold: Increase to per Segment 1d6