Firbolg are forest dwelling Giant Kin.Ten to twelve feet tall, they look very similar to a normal sized human in appearance. They have thick hair and beards, and have exceptionally thick skin and flesh. Firbolg are powerful protectors of their homelands, and often make for powerful Druids, Shaman, Rangers, and Archers.
Firbolg are essentially isolationist, but are sometimes encountered on quests, vengeance, or business in some parts of the world, and occasionally one will become an adventurer for a period of time, usually in pursuit of some larger end.
GM Permission is typically required to play a Firbolg.
Cost Ability
15 Giantish: +15 STR
10 Durable: +5 CON
10 Tough: +5 BODY
8 Very Intimidating: +8 PRE
8 Thick Skinned: Damage Resistance 8 PD/8 ED
6 Heavy: Knockback Resistance -3"
2 Giantish Resilience: Lack of Weakness (-2), Normal Defense
2 Giantish Resilience: Lack of Weakness (-2), Resistant Defense
5 Reach: Stretching 1"
5 Mage Sight: Detect Magic [No Sense Group]
8 Assume Human Size: Shrinking (2 m tall, 1 m wide, 150 kg mass, -2 PER Rolls to perceive character, +2 DCV, +3" KB) (10 Active Points); 1 Continuing Charges lasting 1 Hour each (-1/4)
25 Change Self: Shapeshift (Sight Group; Additional Sense Group: Hearing Group, Additional Sense Group: Touch Group, Instant Change, Variety of Shapes: Humanoid Form Only) (31 Active Points); 1 Continuing Charges lasting 1 Hour each (-1/4)
45 Giantish Missile Catching: Missile Deflection (Bullets & Shrapnel), Missile Reflection, Reflect At Any Target
1 Longevity: 200 years
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-20 Distinctive Feature: Firbolg (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Often Extreme Reaction)
-5 Physical Limitation: 600-800 lbs, 10.5 to 12 ft tall
-15 Psychological Limitation: Isolationist Mentality (Common, Strong)
-10 Psychological Limitation: Hate Fomori; will attack on sight  (Uncommon, Strong)
-10 Social Limitation: Giant Humanoid (Very Frequently; Minor; Not Limiting In Some Cultures)
+70 Total Cost of Package