Novice Troubadour
Troubadours use the Troubadourus Magic System detailed here.
Novices have the potential for the strange Magic of the Troubadours, but have not yet even mastered a single Instrument. However, with time and experience they might blossom into capable masters of the craft.
Cost Ability
10 10 points worth of Instrument Familiarities
3 Troubadour Lore: Power (EGO-based)
4 Resilient: +2 CON
2 Professional Skill (Instrument of Choice)
Value Disadvantages
0 None


Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
var Additional Instrument Familiarities
var Additional Professional Skills for Instruments
var Contacts and/or Favors
5 Confident: +5 PRE
10 Self Assured: +10 PRE
3 Excellent Speaker: Oratory
3 Interesting Conversationalist: Conversation
3 Convincing: Persuasion
3 Smooth Operator: Streetwise
3 Socially Adroit: High Society
3 Jack of All Trades Skill Enhancer
3 Traveler Skill Enhancer
3 Well Connected Skill Enhancer