Elder Spellweaver
The Elder Spellweaver has an impressive mastery of Magical forces, able to cast a staggering array of different Spell Effects. Wise beyond their years, an Elder Spellweaver is both mysterious and potent; few would disregard one should they make an enemy of them.
An Elder Spellweaver is an interesting choice to play because they are steeped in their brand of Magic, capable of being fascinating additions to any adventuring group, and well equipped to make their presence felt in any company.
Cost Ability
48 Spellweaver Package (drop Stamina)
+30 30 points worth of Spellweaver Spell Skills
20 Durable: +10 CON
10 Wise: +10 INT
108 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Disadvantages
0 None


Total Cost of Package

Basic Package Deals
The Spellweaving Magic System is detailed here.
Spellweavers are a type of Magic User skilled at working powerful Magics when given the chance, but not quite as good in tense situations such as combat. Capable of a wide variety of Magical effects, Spellweavers are potentially very dangerous as enemies and very valuable as allies. As a Spellweaver advances their capacity to work Magic can become comprehensive, and even the mightiest of foes ignores a canny elder Spellweaver at their own peril.
Cost Ability
15 Spellweaver Spell Skills
5 KS: Scribe Codex +2
3 +1 Penalty Skill Level to offset Combat Casting Penalty with All Spells
5 Magesight (FH pg 106)
10 Adaptable: +1 Overall Skill Level
10 Strong Willed: +5 EGO
7 Stamina: +14 END
Value Disadvantages
0 None
+55 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
var More Spell Skills
3* +1 Penalty Skill Level to offset Combat Casting Penalty with All Spells
5 Bright: +5 INT
5 +1 with All INT Based Rolls
2 WF: Spellweaver Group (Blades, Staff, Thrown Daggers)
-15 Psychological Limitation: Self Centered (Common, Strong)
-10 Rivalry with other Magic Users  (More Powerful, Group, Professional, Unaware, Outdo)
-5 Social Limitation: Disreputable Master (Master is generally scorned, disrespected, or has a questionable past -- this colors peoples perception of character) (Frequently; Minor; Not Limiting In Some Cultures)