Mystic Healer
The Mystic Healer has the Gift of Effecting. They may heal and harm other living things directly with the use of their Gift. When their Powers are known they are often sought out by unfortunate and unhealthy people that are seeking Magic Healing which might be their only hope of continued life or to correct some serious malady.
However Mystic Healers often face the dilemna of being enslaved or otherwise manipulated by those who would use them to their own advantage, by religious zealots jealous of a person who can heal without the intercession of a deity, or even angered friends or relatives of those too far gone for the Mystic Healers Gift to save.
Mystic Healers are fun to play since they have an ability usually reserved for those of a Divine or Nature worshipping bent, and interesting abilities to acquire as the progress.
Cost Ability
55 Aeldenari (Gift of Effecting)
20 Dont Touch Me: Drain STR 2d6, Damage Shield (Offensive; +3/4), Continuous (+1) (55 Active Points); Extra Time (Full Phase, Only to Activate, Delayed Phase, -1/2)
12 Sicken: Drain BODY 3d6+1, Ranged (+1/2) (49 Active Points); Extra Time (Full Phase, Delayed Phase, -3/4), Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4)
13 Fluctuate: Drain All Characterisitcs Simultaneously 1 1/2d6, Ranged (+1/2), all Characteristics simultaneously (+2) (52 Active Points); Extra Time (Full Phase, Delayed Phase, -3/4), Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4)
10 Only Mostly Dead: Healing BODY 3d6, Resurrection (50 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), -1 1/4), Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4)
110 Total Cost of Abilitites
Value Disadvantages
-5 Social Limitation: Healing Touch (Occasionally, Minor)


Total Cost of Package

Basic Package Deals
The Aeldenaren Magic System is detailed here.
Aeldenari are Arcane Magic Users whose Magic is inborn rather than learned. Aeldenaren is an ancient form of Magic whose origins have been lost to the toll of ages. Practitioners of Aeldenaren are called Aeldenari, or in modern times more commonly just referred to as being "Gifted". Each Aeldenari has one or more Gifts, which give them access to different sorts of Magical abilities.
Many Aeldenari keep their Gifts secret from all but their most trusted friends and allies, disguising their abilities as something else or not using them when observed. In some settings the Aeldenari are feared or held in superstitious dread, and many Aeldenari understandably opt to avoid attention.
Cost Ability
20 Any one Aeldenari Gift Extention Package
25 Elemental Control for Aeldenaren Magic
10 Endurance Reserve (50 END, 5 REC)
Value Disadvantages
0 None
+55 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
1* More Gift Talents
20* More Gift Extentions Packages
-10 DF: Aeldenari (Concealable; Extreme Reaction; Detectable Only By Unusual Senses)
-15 Psychological Limitation: Paranoid (Common, Strong)

Extention Package Deals
Gift of Effecting
Cost Ability
1 Gift of Effecting
8 Healthy: +4 BODY

Add slot to Aeldenari Elemental Control

11 Be Well: Healing 5d6 (Simplified Healing Option; 50 Active Points); Extra Time (Extra Phase, Delayed Phase, -1), Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4)
Value Disadvantages
0 None


Total Cost of Package