Adventuring Metieran
A broadbased generalist, the Adventuring Metieran knows a little bit about pretty much all aspects of Metier. More of a practical applications type, the Adventuring Metieran typically focuses on end results, believing that the ends justify the means in many cases. Adventuring Metieran are great to play because they simply have their bases covered, and provide a strong foundation for expansion with experience.
Cost Ability
55 Metieran Package
15 +15 Reserve with Style MP
10 +1 Overall Level
6 +2 OCV with Style Spells
3 KS: Metier
3 Analyze: Metier Styles
2 WF: Metieran Group (Short Blades, Light Crossbow, Mace)
12 MPP Ultra Slots
4 END Reserve: +20 END, +2 REC
110 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Disadvantages
0 None


Total Cost of Package

Basic Package Deals
The Metier Magic System is detailed here.
Metierans learn to work Magic via a gamut of differing Styles. Most Metierans focus on mastering one Style, but some learn two or even three.
Due to the diversity of Metieran Styles the following Basic Package is particularly vague, but should be modifiable to cover many different permutations of Metieran characters.
Cost Ability
30 Metieran Style MPP with 30 point Reserve
9 9 points in Metieran Matrix Ultra-slots
6 Metieran END Reserve (30 END, 3 REC)
9 Power Skill (Metieran Style) + 3
1 Literacy w/ Native Language
Value Disadvantages
0 None
+55 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
var Second Metieran Style MPP
var More Ultra-slots
-6 Remove END Reserve
-10 Rivalry with other Magic Users (More Powerful, Group, Professional, Unaware, Outdo)