Esowyc Courier
NOTE: Dywedion (two-eed-EE-on) is the name for Couriers in the Order's native tongue.
This Journeyman Role is ususally assigned to promising Esowyc that seem destined for higher Rank, as the carrying of messages for the Masters and Elders gives them both an insight into the inner workings of the Order, and also familiarity with many of the movers and shakers in the upper ranks that will be useful to them should they gain rank later. They are also usually accompanied by armed guards, making this Role safer than some others.
Couriers are given special staffs that come apart in the middle that are more conveniently carried when they are on horseback; the silver joining caps in the middle of the staff is a giveaway. They also wear silver rings with a single amethyst in a gold setting.
A Courier is a possible choice for an adventuring Esowyc, though they are kept closer to the vest of the Masters and Elders than some of the other Journeyman Roles, their missions do sometimes take them into the path of danger, and its not inconceivable that a talented Courier might be sent on a "special mission" or two.
Cost Ability
55 Esowyc Journeyman Package
+9 improve Membership Has Its Priveleges to Very Good Relationship, 12-
+9 +9 points in Spell Skills
25 Guards: 2 100 point Warrior followers (mounted)
3 Riding
10 Bright: +10 INT
3 Traveler Enhancer
5 6 points in AK's and CityK's
119 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Disadvantages
0 None


Total Cost of Package

Basic Package Deals
Esowyc Journeyman
The Esowyc Magic System is detailed here.
NOTE: The Order of Esow (EE-sue) is a guild of spellcasters that teaches a variant of the Spellweaving Magic System. Individual members of the Order are called Esowyc (ee-SUE-eek) singularly and collectively. The term for Journeymen in the native tongue of the Order is Ungolion (oon-goal-EE-on).
Esowyc are members of the Venerable Order of Esow, an indepent organization whose membership endeavor on their on the behalf of both themselves and their Order.
A powerful organization in their own lands, the Order has both political clout and all the authority great wealth often commands. Members of the Order are brought in as children, frequently from poor families or orphanages, and trained from young adulthood in the Mysteries of the Order. Eventually the young Initiates rise to the rank of Apprentice and take a tour of many different Esowyc Order Houses, before being elevated to the Rank of Journeyman.
Journeymen are the workhorses of the Order, being assigned to a number of necessary but not always safe or pleasant Roles where they toil on the Orders behalf until they elevate themselves to the Rank of Master. Journeymen wear practical sturdy black robes, a black pointed brimmed travel hat, carry a black leather wrapped metal components pouch, and carry a black oak staff with silver end caps.
Cost Ability
30 Esowyc Spell Skills
3 Rank: Esowyc Journeyman
12 Membership Has Its Priveleges:  Contact (Contact has: very useful Skills or resources, Good relationship with Contact), Organization Contact (+2) (12 Active Points) 8-
3 KS: Material Components
3 KS: Order Bylaws
2 PS: Esowyc (GEN)
1 WF: Staff
1 Literacy
55 Total Cost of Abilities
Value Disadvantages
-10 Social Limitation: Duty to Guild (Frequently, Impairing)
+45 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
var More Spell Skills
3* +1 Penalty Skill Level to offset Combat Casting Penalty with All Spells
4 Bright: +4 INT
10 Durable: +5 CON
10 Adaptable: +1 Overall Skill Level
10 Strong Willed: +5 EGO
5 +1 with All INT Based Rolls
3 KS: Scribe Codex
2 WF: Esowyc Group (Blades, Staff, Thrown Daggers)
-15 Psychological Limitation: Self Centered (Common, Strong)
-10 Rivalry with other Magic Users  (More Powerful, Group, Professional, Unaware, Outdo)
-5 Social Limitation: Troubled Initiate (Had a difficult time learning the Mysteries of the Order as an Initiate; looked down upon) (Frequently; Minor; Not Limiting In Some Cultures)
-5 Social Limitation: Troubled Apprenticeship (Had a difficult time learning the Mysteries of the Order as an Apprentice; looked down upon) (Frequently; Minor; Not Limiting In Some Cultures)