The Scribas Magic System is detailed here.
Scribners learn Symbols, which they can then draw upon cloth, paper, or skin. They use these Symbols to make powerful but temporary static effects. Scribners do not alter the surface of the object they place a Symbol on; they merely draw, dye, or paint a Magical Symbol on the surface with Ink. The Symbols can be quite colorful and complex, limited only by the Scribner's skill with Calligraphy.
Scribas can be used to model several disparate concepts, such as a Wu Jen style character that must write a "scroll" on the fly to cast a spell, or a character that can draw Magic into being, or in some campaigns even a sort of Fantasy "tagger" that works Magic via Graffiti.
Cost Ability
30 Symbols: 30 Symbol Familiarities
13 Symbolic Lore: KS: Scribas (INT-based) + 5
9 PS: Calligraphy + 7
3 KS: Inks (INT)
Value Disadvantages
0 None
+55 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
1 each More Symbol Familiarities
2 WF: Scribas Group (Dart, Dagger, Foil or Rapier)
2 PS: Create Inks
3 KS: Paper & Parchment
3 KS: Cloth
-15 Psychological Limitation: Self Centered (Common, Strong)
-10 Rivalry with other Magic Users  (More Powerful, Group, Professional, Unaware, Outdo)
-5 Social Limitation: Disreputable Master (Master is generally scorned, disrespected, or has a questionable past -- this colors peoples perception of character) (Frequently; Minor; Not Limiting In Some Cultures)
-5 Physical Limitation Cannot Work Magic with [Cloth, Paper, Skin]; All the Time, Slightly Limiting