The Psionic System is described here.
Monastic Psions are typically taught in a school, at a monastery, at a retreat, or some other formalized environment. They benefit from a coherent approach to the teaching of Psionic manifestation, and have a well rounded array of capabilities.
Monastic Psions are sometimes literally monks in the shaven head robe wearing sense, but not always. Many monastic Psions are the product of a family of Psions, taught at their grandfather's or parent's knee from childhood. Still others are the product of a warrior caste or group, trained in a militaristic fashion to hone themselves into living weapons.
Monastic Psions are fun to play because they are well balanced and provide a strong foundation to build upon with experience.
Cost Ability
30 Psionic MPP (30 Pool; May use Personal END or END Reserve (+1/4); All slots must take RSR: Discipline Power Skill (-1/4))
3 Psionic Strength END Reserve: 20 END / 1 REC
15 Broadly Capable: PowS: Clairsentience (INT), PowS: Psychokinesis (EGO), PowS: Psychoportation (INT), PowS: Telepathy (EGO), PowS: Psychometabolism (CON)
3 Serene: PowS: Meditation (EGO)
3 Crystal Mastery: KS: Imprinting
1 Literate: Literacy w/ Native Language
Value Disadvantages
0 None
+55 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
10 More Powerful: Higher Psionic MPP: +10 Reserve
5 Bright: +5 INT
10 Brilliant: +10 INT
5 Smart: +1 with All INT Based Rolls
10 Steady: +5 EGO
20 Resolute: +10 EGO
5 Stubborn: +1 with All EGO Based Rolls
10 Fit: +5 CON
20 Tireless: +10 CON
5 Gritty: +1 with All CON Based Rolls
2 WF: Psion Group (Dagger, Short Sword, Throwing Blades)
-15 Psychological Limitation: Overly Introspective (Common, Strong)
-5 Social Limitation: Disreputable Master (Master is generally scorned, disrespected, or has a questionable past -- this colors peoples perception of character) (Frequently; Minor; Not Limiting In Some Cultures)
-10 Rivalry with other Psions (More Powerful, Group, Professional, Unaware, Outdo)