The Dominine Magic System is detailed here.
This Package Deal is for Domini using the Gestalt Model
Followers of a Patron allowing a little more flexibility than most, Sancti come from all walks of life.
Cost Ability
48 Domain Cleric Spell Level Gestalt VPP (30 Pool)
7 Power Skill: Faith (EGO) +2
Value Disadvantages
0 None
+55 Total Cost of Package
Cost Options
*24 Higher Spell Level Pool: +15 Pool
1 Literacy w/ Native Language
4 Resolute: +2 EGO
4 Thoughtful: +4 INT
3 KS: Philosophy (INT)
3 Power Skill: Meditation (EGO)
6 Unshakeable: +10 Mental Defense; Requires a Faith Roll (-1/2), Only Usable While In Good Standing With Faith (can't be removed; -1/4)
5 Bright: +5 INT
10 Resolute: +5 EGO
20 Willfull: +10 EGO
5 Battle Trained: AF: Medium Armor, AF: Shield, Penalty Skill Levels: +1 to Offset DEX and DCV Penalties of Armor
2 WF: Priest Group (Mace, Hammer, Morning Star)
-5 Social Limitation: Religion at Odds with Governement  (Hassled by local officials, gaurdsmen, patriots, etc) (Frequently; Minor; Not Limiting In Some Cultures)
-15 Psychological Limitation: Easily distracted by new facts/information (Common, Strong)