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d4 (+1 PP)
Alchemically Altered Slayer
Estranged Ordo Sanguine Brother
Coming To Terms With The Past



Total Advances: 60

Plot Points


Advances: 0



Advances: 10


Monster Hunter

Advances: 10






Upgraded Armored Van: d10

Rolling alchemical workshop

Credentials: d8

FBI Consultant credentials

Healing: d8

1 alchemical potion; instant

Stimulant Cocktail: d6

4 alchemical potions; 1 scene

Smoke: d6

2 alchemical bombs

Aqua Regia: d6

2 alchemical acid bombs

Glue: d8

1 alchemical bomb

Holy Water: d6

2 vials

Ability Sets

Alchemically Altered Mystic

Durability: d6
Fortitude: d6
Stamina: d8
Willpower: d6
Strength: d6
Reflexes: d8
Leaping: d6
Senses: d8

SFX: Scrappy: When making a reaction roll that includes this Ability Set's Durability trait, if you are not encumbered and can move around you may also add this Ability Set's Reflexes trait to your dice pool.

SFX: Alchemically Supercharged: When you include one or more of this Ability Set's traits in a dice pool you may step up one of them if you are also including in that same dice pool at least one die from an Asset which respresents an alchemical substance that is consumed or applied to your body. If you do so and the action fails, add a d6 to the doom pool.

SFX: Supernatural Immunities: Due to your unusual origin, it turns out you are immune to various supernatural curses and infections. You definitely cannot be turned into a vampire, a zombie, or a lycanthrope, and probably are also immune to other similar types of afflictions should you encounter them (GM's discretion). An attempt to inflict such a state upon you automatically fails, and you gain one (1) Plot Point the first time it occurs in a Scene.

Limit: Alchemical Dependency: When forming a dice pool if you include any of the traits from this Ability Set that have an initial step higher than d6 you must step them down to a d6, unless you are also including in that same dice pool at least one die from an Asset which respresents an alchemical substance that is consumed or applied to your body.

Limit: Withdrawal: For each full day that passes without consuming an alchemical substance, suffer d6 Ego Trauma or d6 Body Trauma (your choice)

Limit: Supernatural Aura: You have a supernatural aura that is detectable by those with special senses. Gain one (1) Plot Point when this becomes a Complication for you.

Advances: 25


Armor: d6
Ranged: d8
Melee: d6
Unarmed: d6

SFX: Bane: When taking an attack action using one of this Ability Set's traits, you may spend one (1) Plot Point to borrow a die from the doom pool and add it to your dice pool; if you do this you may keep an extra die for your total. After your action is completed step down the borrowed die and return it to the doom pool.

SFX: Martial Artist: All opponents who react to your Melee or Unarmed actions must replace the highest die in their dice pool with a d4.

Limit: Gear: This Ability Set's Ranged and / or Melee traits are shut down if you are disarmed or do not have an appropriate weapon available to you; gain one (1) Plot Point when this becomes a Complication for you. You may recover either or both traits when it is appropriate to the narrative; this may require you to activate an opportunity or take an action against the doom pool at the GM's discretion. You may shut down this Ability Set's Armor trait and gain one (1) Plot Point; if you do so you may recover Armor during a Transition Scene if it is appropriate to the narrative.

Advances: 14


Monster Hunter [  ][  ]

The Monster Hunter Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: With access to materials, during a Transition Scene you may acquire specialized ammunition or weapons useful for harming the kind of monster you are currently going after. You gain a Asset such as 'Special Ammo: d8' or 'Blessed Stakes: d8' or 'BFG: d8' (etc); you can give this Asset to someone else.
  • Exploit: You may avoid taking Stress from a single supernatural attack.
  • Exploit: You may step up and double Smarts for a single action when trying to investigate a supernatural crime scene or situation.
  • Signature Exploit: You may step up and double Violence on an attack versus a Vampire.

Scholar [  ]

The Scholar Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: Recall useful information regarding an academic subject you might reasonably have learned a little something about in the past (GM's discretion applies).
  • Exploit: You may reroll a dice pool that includes your Smarts; the second result must be kept.
  • Exploit: During a Transition Scene you can create a knowledge related d8 Asset if you are able to cram information on that subject.

Alchemist [  ]

The Alchemist Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: You can identify a chemical, biochemical, or alchemical substance with a whiff or a glance, at least well enough to know if it is safe to touch or consume.
  • Exploit: You may double a trait from an Alchemical Asset when adding it to one of your dice pools; if you do you may include one additional die in your total.
  • Exploit: You may spend a Transition Scene to create a single use Alchemical Asset with a step one higher than your Alchemical Vocation trait, or two single use Alchemical Assets with a step equal to your Alchemical Vocation trait. These Assets are typically a magical potion or bomb, with a wide variety of effects (GM's discretion applies), and they may be given to other characters to use.

Driver [  ]

The Driver Vocation allows the following special Exploits:

  • Exploit: With access and opportunity, during a Transition Scene you may acquire a vehicle suitable to your current needs. You gain the Asset 'Vehicle: d8'; you can give this Asset to someone else to use.
  • Exploit: If you are driving, you may step up and double Finesse for purposes of handling a vehicle on an action or reaction roll.
  • Exploit: If you are driving you may avoid wrecking, losing control, or having your vehicle fail due to mechanical issues in a given Scene.

Standard Exploits

All Vocations have the following standard exploits available to them.

  • Exploit: Augment Dice Pool Result: for a dice pool result that inludes your Vocation trait die, you may either keep an extra die for your total or step up the effect die.
  • Exploit: Create a Asset: a Asset is a temporary d6 trait that represents a professional contact, a piece of equipment, or some kind of useful knowledge related to your Vocation. The Asset lasts until it is removed by someone or because it becomes no longer relevant to the narrative. Write down [Name of the Asset]: d6; you may add it as an additional die whenever the Asset is relevant to an action or reaction. How long it may take to create a particular Asset, and whether it can be done as part of an Action Scene or must be done in a Transition Scene is left to common sense and GM's discretion.
  • Exploit: Affect Complications: if there is a Complication that your Vocation pertains to, you can step it down or remove it from play by describing how your expertise allows you to overcome the Complication. If the Complication is a d6 eliminate it, if it is d8 or higher step it down. Alternately, if you can justify how your Vocation applies, you may create a d6 Complication and put it into play or step up an existing Complication.

Signature Exploits Advances: 1


Monster Slayer

You were raised by an esoteric Catholic religious order, trained from childhood to root out and eradicate vampires...which you excel at. However, in recent months you've drifted away from your order's mission and taken up with a team of Monster Hunters. You've found yourself in conflict with more than just bloodsuckers...other kinds of undead, cultists, and foul cthonic monstrocities have met their end by your hand. Despite your specialized training, you've proven to be pretty good at slaying evils of all sorts.


The first time in a session you stress out or destroy a vampire.

gain a Exploit invocation, gain a d6 Asset

The first time in a session you enter conflict with one or more supernatural enemies.

+1 Plot Point

When you defeat and kill a higher tiered supernatural opponent without assistance.

gain two (2) Advances, then retire this Milestone Set and choose another one

It Was All A Lie

Turns out that maybe your parents weren't killed by vampires after all...maybe SAIC Harker mercy killed them after they themselves were infected with vampirism. Also, apparently, your alchemist father made some compound to treat your mother's vampirism and it turned out she was pregnant with you and you are some kind of alchemical mutant. It's very complicated and confusing and you don't have the whole story yet, but the revelation has left you in a contemplative state to say the least. Also, you seem to be addicted to consuming Alchemical substances, which also supercharge you. It's been a crazy year.


The first time in a session when you consume an Alchemical substance.

+1 Plot Point

The first time in a session you use Reciprocating Escalation.

+1 Plot Point

When you resolve to get the whole story about your origin out of SAIC Harker and do so.

gain two (2) Advances, then retire this Milestone Set and choose another one