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Refskegg Mondfeur


  • Novice: Refskegg as a young man.
  • Competent: Refskegg at the beginning of the Nine Arrows Great Faring.
  • Veteran: Refskegg as he was before being slain by a Cultist of Tzoruul at the Weary Druid Inn.

Son of a loving (but very controlling) mother and a roving raider of a father, Refskegg grew up in Hafenstadt amongst his father's fellow Huscarl. After his father's death when he was in his teens, the Huscarl took it upon themselves to see to their fallen fellow's son and he learned how to fight from dozens of instructors, both with and without weapons.

A prodigy in the arts of warcraft he even went along on several farings with his father's warband "unofficially", traveling to far off Lod and Burui to the east and Horvis to the west, raiding coastal settlements, occassionally taking other ships in the water, and spending a prolonged few years based out of the great city of Worfinal in the winters while pirating in the summers.

Though barely literate and blissfully ignorant of history and higher learning, thanks to his wide travels Hrani can make himself basically understood in several languages, and has a surprisingly deep knowledge of the inebriating beverages of many cultures.

On his return to Hafenstadt after his third faring, Hrani requested an audience with the Laird Gunnar so that he might seek admittance to the Raevoring Huscarl, known as the Reavers. When summoned the next day Hrani confidently strode in to the Laird's hall in full finery, mother and little brother in tow. Of course he could be in the Huscarl, said Gunnar. But first a certain Elder Druid wanted to talk to Hrani about some kind of great adventure.

Subsequently forced against his will by druidic edict despite his own ill-considered protestation and insolence, Hrani went none to quietly to Fallenheim where he was conjoined with the other eight prophesy-called Machtig to pursue what he believed to be a nonsensical land-bound quest encumbered with a motley crew of non-Raevoring wet behind the ears fools.

Now the much-put-out Hrani is just biding his time, going through the motions and hoping the faring will be over as soon as possible so that he may return home to Hafenstadt and take his promised place amongst the Reavers like his father before him.