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Evzenek (d6)



Everything's An Ingredient
I've Got Something For That
Desperate For A Cure





Healing Potions: d6

Good for what ails ya

Utility Belt: d6

So very useful

Expensive Boots: d6

Walking, sneaking, kicking

Ability Sets

Alchemical Toolkit

Ranged: d6
Invisibility: d6

SFX: Alchemical Bombs: Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.

Limit: Gear: Shut down any Alchemical Toolkit Ability trait or SFX and gain one (1) Plot Point. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover each Ability trait or SFX shut down in this way.

Brutish Transformation

Strength: d8
Durability: d6
Leaping: d6

SFX: Thuggish: When Brutish Transformation is activated swap your Smarts and Violence Aptitude traits. When Brutish Transformation is shut down swap them back.

Limit: Sinister Alter Ego: The GM may spend d12 from the doom pool to take control of Evzenek for the remainder of the Scene or until Evzenek is stressed out at which point control of the character returns to the player. If Brutish Transformation is not already activated when this occurs, it is automatically activated. When control is returned to the player Brutish Transformation is automatically deactivated.

Limit: Exclusive: Spend an action and shut down all other ability sets to activate Brutish Transformation, becoming more muscular and thuggish looking in the process. Spend an action and shut down Brutish Transformation to reactivate ability sets previously shut down by Brutish Transformation.