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A few months ago my son decided to spend his allowance on the Rise of the Runelords core set for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, and he and I soon became invested in it. I piloted Ezren while my son, who loves playing dwarves, guided Harsk through the harrowing encounters of the adventure path. We sometimes had others join in, playing Kyra and Seoni.

Much fun was had, and we were all impressed with how each character's differences really shined through and made a difference. Along the way we acquired all of the expansion packs and character add-ons, and therefore have a staggering number of adventurers to choose from, but nevertheless making custom characters for games is kind of a thing that we like to do.

Thus it wasn't very long before my son and I made our own custom characters and started playing through the Rise of the Runelords a second time. We're just a few adventures away from completion, and already have plans to do Skull and Shackles next. But in the interests of sharing, we thought we'd throw our current characters up as possible inspiration for others.

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