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July - September 2017
I've been working on a Cortex Plus based fantasy hack, and started a campaign called Rhosyn Du using it set in the World of San'Dora.
A detailed write up of Ability traits available in the setting is provided.
My Cortex Plus hack introduces the idea of Vocations, which is a way of modeling professions, backgrounds, and the like. There's also a setting specific set included for San'Dora Vocations.
Rhosyn Du
We've started a small scale new campaign, just two players and myself, using the new hack both to playtest it and for fun. So far, it's been coming along very well and we've found the system to work great...though we are still making some minor tweaks to the hack here and there as we find what works and what doesn't.
Rhosyn Du. The Black Rose. The Dark Flower. The Void Bloom. The Vortex of Vastness. An ancient relic long forgotten and best left so. A vestige of a time even before the Var were made, one of the things brought to this world by the Haelfinan from elsewhere. It was last put to use more than seven millenia ago in what some sages refer to as the Age of Opposition. Knowledge of it remains only among a few Haelfinan Willcrafters as even for the long-lived Haelf-kind seven thousand years and more is a long time.
The questing Haelfinan Marw and the irascible alchemist and dungeoneer Evzenek descend into the depths below Kark to brave a sea of terrifying creatures swarming in the darkness in pursuit of a thing resembling a large flower made of onyx or ebony secured in the deepest recesses of the sucking labyrinth.
The Nine Arrows
To assist myself in setting up the hack, and running a new campaign in a setting I created around fifteen years ago and haven't revisited since, I converted characters from a campaign I ran back in the day that was called The Nine Arrows. The original run was done using the Hero System, and translating the very well defined characters into Cortex Plus terms helped me in finding the power balance and tone I was looking for.
Additionally I commissioned new artwork from the talented Claudia Cangini who brought renewed life to these well-remembered characters.
An ancient Druidic prophesy from the old lands in the Ages before the breaking of the world foretold a time of great danger for the Machtig people, and of nine heroes who would rise up to meet it. According to that hallowed prophecy the actions of the Nine Arrows would do nothing less than save or doom the Great Clans. Though but one of the many mysteries kept secret amongst the Druids, this one was taken very seriously indeed, and the lore was dutifully passed down the generations unbroken.
Found amongst the Clans and then sent forth on their Great Faring with much fanfare and the blessings of the Druids the Nine were ultimately successful, though it took many years of strife. Their quest collected to itself many enemies as well as a few allies and fellow travelers. In the end only four of the original nine survived.
May 2017
Pathfinder Fate Accelerated
Some new stunts, scattered around the categories.
Some new items, scattered around the categories.
Some new iconics.
Olivin, a alchemist investigator
Malizan, a dragon-blooded battle rager
December 2015
Pathfinder Fate Accelerated
A new iconic Magus.
Otaro, a mercurial Magus
September 2015
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
Some custom characters for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game...
Cyraen is a determined and indomitable warrior priest of Torag. Hailing from the Five Kings Mountains area, Cyraen left his beloved homeland decades ago in answer to his calling to spread the word of Torag to more far flung dwarven settlements, as well as deliver the occasional hammer blow of justice in the name of his god to any wickedness encountered along the way.
Originally from Absalom, though it has been many years since he has walked its streets, Korzhu is a long-standing member of the Pathfinder Society known amongst his peers as thorough rather than prolific, with a respectable body of submitted work. Though he doesn't advertise it Korzhu is a psion who has mastered metaphysical techniques and pursues a path of self perfection. Korzhu is not a devotee of Irori, but he is strongly inspired by the teachings of the Master of Masters and strives to improve his mind, body, and spirit with every decision.
Child of a long line of practicing Alchemists based in Lepidstadt, Ustalav, Zondilic learned his trade from his father, two uncles, and cantankerous grandfather...the reknowned potion brewer Zabar the Magnificent. Growing up Zondilic always nursed a quiet resentment for what he saw as unfair favor shown to several of his more likeable cousins who were also being trained in the family trade, and came to feel like an outsider amongst his own people. Thus he left the nest after acheiving journeyman status to seek his fortunes on his own, out from under the oppressive shadow of his family's reputation and away from his stultifying relatives. Years later he still hasn't struck it rich, but has learned many useful things along the way and has become an adept adventurer and delver.
August 2015
Pathfinder Fate Accelerated
Ashamintallu, enthralled alu-demon...the big bad encountered at the end of Shards of Sin: Curse of the Lady's Light.
January 2015
Pathfinder Fate Accelerated
The Inquisitor class translation document.
Some new stunts, scattered around the categories.
Some new iconics.
Doritha, a deadly Justiciar
Ephraim, a friendly Dissident of Sarenrae
December 2014
Pathfinder Fate Accelerated
The Alchemist, The Sorcerer, The Wizard, The Magus, and The Witch class translation documents
A lot of new stunts, scattered around the categories.
Some new iconics.
Ilsa, an icy Sorceress
Lorisa, a Kellish wild shaping Druid
Javina, a resourceful Wizardess
Willamena, a Brevic Lady Magus
Moek, an out of place Arcadian Witch Doctor
Tamara, a Linnorm Seithr (aka Witch)
Twilla, a Halfling Trapbuster
November 2014
Pathfinder Fate Accelerated
Started detailing tips and tricks for translating class concepts from Pathfinder into Pathfinder Fate Accelerated terms.
Also, four new iconics.
Adriel, an adaptable Bard
Volus, a burly Shoanti brawler
Farwyn, a lethal glaive-master
Yuler, a skilled archer
October 2014
Pathfinder Fate Accelerated
Reorganized and extended Stunts, Items, Bestiary, and Spells write-up; all of which are linked to on the Pathfinder FAE Menu. There are dozens of new write-ups, far too many to call out individually; click through and take a look if interested.
September 2014
Pathfinder Fate Accelerated
Two new iconics, Nevaren and Hessia. Also, finished the write up for Part 1 of the Shattered Star Adventure Path...the Shards of Sin.
Nevaren a Shoanti Raven Shaman
Hessia is a Mercenary Former Grey Maiden
Fantasy HERO
The High Fantasy HERO Wiki ( has been shut down. There was a lot of content posted, but the usage numbers just dropped below a level where I was willing to keep paying the upkeep on it. I have a full back up and might re-surface some of the content in a different venue at some point, but realistically it is unlikely that I'll have the time to do something of that magnitude in the forseeable future.
August 2014
Pathfinder Fate Accelerated
Two new iconics, Domidar and Nikade.
Domidar is a Failed Wizard Huckster
Nikade is a Wavelord of Gozreh
July 2014
Pathfinder Fate Accelerated
Two new iconics, Vadok and Radje.
Vadok is a Chosen of Erastil
Radje is an Exemplar of Gorum
April 2014
Sentinels of the Multiverse
We completed the first pass on another custom hero, War-Man, including a few variant "promo" identity cards.
March 2014
Sentinels of the Multiverse
After much playtesting, we've been tweaking our custom Sentinels of the Multiverse Hero card sets. All of them have changed quite a bit over the last 6 months, but I haven't been updating the uploaded versions due to the volatility. Hype, Hypothermic, Scything, and the old war horse John Wrath are done.
Also included are new "promo" versions of the heroes, sporting different face-card powers. The same deck is played using the alternate "promor" face card. I'm often surprised by how differently a hero deck will playout despite such a small change being made.
We plan on doing a set for War-Man and Rook, and potentially more of the Millennial Men cast of characters, and some of their villains and environments. But, we'll see; these card sets take a suprising amount of time to playtest and balance. Sentinels of the Multiverse seems like a simple game on the surface, but gameplay is extremely circumstantial as each villain deck is very custom. The incredible variety in villain, heroes, and environment selections makes this an infinitely replayable game.
Nov 2013
Pathfinder Fate Accelerated
Reorganized the Pathfinder Fate Accelerated material; it was getting unruly. Check out Adventures. Also, a bunch of new baddies with an abyssal theme.
Oct 2013
Pathfinder Fate Accelerated
My son and I have been putting together an adaptation of Fate Accelerated for use with Pathfinder material... Pathfinder Fate Accelerated , and gotten a couple of my gamer buddies to play. It's coming along swimmingly.
We've got about 30 iconic characters, a fair number of NPC's from the 1st chapter of the Rise of the Runelords campaign, and session write ups.
Sept 2013
Sentinels of the Multiverse
Added 2 more custom Heroes; Hypothermic and John Wrath.
Aug 2013
Here There Be Monsters
A new Vignette, Days Of Tomorrows Passed, wherein the Hunters become embroiled in the magic of a powerful artifact and are trapped in a doomed dimension overrun by Cthonic forces. To escape they must discover and learn terrible Forbidden Knowledge, survive tentacled horrors, and defeat a cursed Sorcerer..
Custom Heroes for the Sentinels of the Multiverse Card game.
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