Background Page
Character Name: Kjar Kvaransen
Alternate Identities:
Player Name: Jason "WilyQuixote" Roche
Background: Kjar was born into a miserable existance. He had the unfortunate luck to be born a weakling child to a proud and mighty warrior. To his father credit he did not kill him or hold the boy's weak blood against him. This isn't to say that Kjar's dad was a loving father, far from it in fact. Kjar's father did try to help Kjar in his own sorta way. When Kjar was around 9 yrs old his father tried to help the boy put on weight and muscles. He made the boy eat twice as much during meals and during the day would give him chores designed to build muscles. None of these things worked though despite everything Kjar's father tried. The boy never gained a pound and certainly never got stronger. Finally Kjar's father gave up and had little or nothing to do with him after that. Added to this daily torture of double rations and forced exercises was the almost continual ritual of hazing by the other children in the town. Unknown to Kjar or his father was that Kjar's mother was seeing another man whenever Kjar father was out on faring. This man was a Zauberer who lived alone out in the wilds of the Pargori near to Kjar's home. This relationship went on for many years and during these visits Kjar's mother was talked into helping the Zauberer with some of his magical experiments. The Zauberer was convinced he could create a spell that would temporarily bond an elemental to a person on this plane and grant the host enormous powers depending on the ability. When Kjar's mother was pregnant with him she told the Zauberer of her condition but he convinced her the spells would not harm the child. The Zauberer tried to make the spell work time and again but always met with failure. Eventually He gave up and soon after lost interest in Kjar's mother, Since the child wasn't his according to the mother (actually she was right about this, it was her husband's child in her). Kjar's father never knew about the affair. The experimentations however despite the Zauberer's claims did affect the unborn child. The magics cast upon the mother indirectly weakened the child and also left him extremely attuned and sensitive to the primal energies.

As Kjar grew older other odd traits began developing in the boy as well, sometimes he would have wisps of smoke wafting from his hair, sweating so pfousely that it looked as if he went swimming in his clothes, his hair and garments would look as if he was standing in a breeze even when the wind was still, or he would smell like freshly toiled soil. This did not endear him to his family, particularly his father. Kjar eventually ran away from home and obtain work with a local dockmaster where he impressed the man with his ability to remember almost anything put in front of him. This became his life until he was almost 15 years old and one day he bumped into a Zauberer who was in the middle of inventoring an order of supplies he had come to collect. The Zauberer was distracted and lost track of where he was in the inventorying. In an effort to appease the upset Zauberer Kjar immediately began reciting off the list up to the point where the Zauberer was before being interupted. The Zauberer was impressed by this display but also by the various elemental energies his body radiated seemingly of their own accord, needless to say the Zauberer took an interest in the boy. He offered to try teaching the boy the magical arts and Kjar jumped at the chance. Anything was better then his current lot in life so Kjar thanked the dockmaster, quit his job at the end of the day, and left to meet with the Zauberer to live in his tower and train. The Zauberer's name proved to be Yenger and over the years Yenger and Kjar became fast freinds from master and apprentice.

These were good years for Kjar and he absorbed everything Yenger could teach him like a sponge. Kjar never had a desire go out and see the world and was quite content to stay at home and practice magic and assist his freind Yenger in his experiments. When he was deemed ready by Yenger Kjar was taken to Kaenha Kennering the Oberlaird for presentation as a new Zauberer. After displaying some of his many spells it was given the title Zauberer and his new duties were made known to him. Using his spells of waterbreathing, he would assist in helping with dock maintenance for his besterung. He would show up without fail to fullfill his besterung and then as soon as these were complete he would hurry back to his home to continue with his studies. He was fascinated by all things magical and never turned down an opportunity to learn something new.

One day he wanted to show Yenger a new spell he had taught himself without assistance and so cast his spell of LESSER FLAMING AURA. UNfortunately for Kjar he didn't know the flames would burn quite so hot or that they would catch all combustable materials on fire. In mere moments there was a raging inferno in the tower and little that could be done to stop it. Smelling smoke and feeling the now searing heat Yenger burst into the room to see what was happening and to put out the flames. At that moment a support beam came crashing down on top of the now elderly and frail Yenger killing him instantly. Kjar was forced to flee outside and wait for the flames to die down. The tower was in ruins, a hollow stone husk and when some neighboring Machtig arrived to investigate a few asked what happened. Kjar was too grief stricken to answer and after it was clear there was nothing that could be done the Machtig left Kjar alone. Though it was never confirmed what really happened that day everyone assumed Kjar killed Yenger but no one could prove this.

Kjar never denied or admitted to anything that happened that day. He never repaired the tower nor did he clean it up beyond moving wreckage off to the sides and putting in a few basic things like a new table, chair, and assorted shelfs for books and kitchen ware. He would do his yearly obligations and then return to the same tower not to emerge again until the following year or a summoning of the entire clan. In the following weeks after the fire Kaenha Kennering was notified of the death of Yenger and Kjar was summoned before him to stand in account of the tragedy. A druid cast a spell of augury for the Laird and declared that murder was not involved, nor was there ever any maliscous intentions or jealousy precipitating events at the tower. His sanity could not be ascertained at the time due to Kjar's grief and "unusuall nature", however since the Laird and the druid were satisfied no wrong doing was involved Kjar was left to his own so long as he fullfilled his responsibilities to the clan. Kjar lost everything he and Yenger owned in that fire except his spell book which was on his person at the time. He maintained his skills but hasn't really tried to improve upon them or progress his knowledge any further. He is in a rut and it doesn't look as if he will becoming out of it anytime soon. Utimately the only one who can help Kjar out of this depressive state is Kjar.
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