Sniper Rifle (Stub)

Many kinds of weapon systems can fulfil the role of long range sniper rifle in the grimdark expanses of the Imperium of Man and beyond, ranging from traditional hunting rifles to advanced solid state lasgun designs.

This type of sniper rifle is a portable shoulder-fired projectile based weapon system with a choice between bolt-action or semi-automatic action, fitted with sound-baffles or a high-grade silencer and muzzle flash absorber. This type of sniper rifle is also often (but not always) fitted with something like an Infra-sight for extreme accuracy.

Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Knockback: If the hit roll for a weapon with the Knockback trait is equal to or higher than the target's Strength (before any modifiers are applied), they are immediately moved 1” directly away from the attacking fighter. If the fighter cannot be moved the full 1” because of a wall, obstacle or another fighter, they move as far as possible and the attack’s Damage is increased by 1.

Silent: A weapon with this trait does not trigger Detect checks if used by a Hidden fighter, and does not risk raising the alarm in scenarios that use the Sentries special rules.

Unwieldy: A fighter who uses an Unwieldy weapon to shoot in ranged combat treats the Shoot action as a Double action. A fighter who uses an Unwieldy melee weapon in close combat cannot use a second weapon at the same time. Unwieldy weapons take up two weapon slots.