Harpoon Launcher

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Drag: If a target is hit by a Drag weapon but not taken Out of Action, the attacker can attempt to drag the target closer after the attack has been resolved. If they do, roll a d6; if the result is equal to or higher than the target's Strength (or in the case that the target is a carryable object, equal to or higher than 3) the target is dragged D3'' straight towards the attacker, stopping if they hit any obstruction; the 1'' rule does not apply during this movement. This can cause the target fighter to fall, if they are pulled off the edge of an elevated surface. If the weapon also has the Impale trait and hits more than one fighter, the last fighter to be hit is considered to be the target fighter for purposes of resolving this trait.

Impale: If an attack made by this weapon hits and wounds the target, and the save roll is unsuccessful (or no save roll is made), the projectile continues through them and might hit another fighter! Trace a straight line from the target, directly away from the attacker. If there are any fighters within 1'' of this line, and within the weapon's Long Range, the one that is closest to the target is at risk of being hit. Roll a D6; on a 3 or more resolve the weapon's attack against that fighter subtracting 1 from the Strength. The projectile can continue through multiple fighters in this way, but if the Strength is reduced to 0, it cannot hit any more fighters.

Scarce: The Reload (Simple) Action cannot be taken on a weapon profile with the Scarce trait.