Eldar Power Sword

A Power Sword is a Power Weapon that has been shaped into a sword of varying lengths and designs crafted from one of any number of different materials, though usually Adamantium. When its power cell is activated, often by touching a control located on the hilt, the blade is sheathed in a lethal corona of disruptive energy. This energy field allows the blade to carve through flesh, bone and most forms of armour plate alike, making a Power Sword a highly effective close combat weapon.

Eldar Power Swords are functionally equivalent to those used by the Imperium, but are more elegant in design and favor a more nimble slashing and shearing combat style rather than brute force penetration.

Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Melee: This weapon can be used during close combat attacks without penalty.

Parry: After an enemy makes close combat attacks against this fighter and rolls to hit, until this fighter has no further Parry options available to them this fighter's controlling player can force the attacking player to re-roll one successful hit per Parry.

Power: The weapon is surrounded by a crackling power field. Attacks made by Power weapons cannot be parried except by other Power weapons or via the Parry skill. In addition, if the hit roll for a Power weapon is a 6, that hit automatically wounds.