Power Fist

Like all power weapons, Power Fists include a localized field generator that when activated sheathes the weapon in a lethal corona of disruptive energy. This energy field magnifies the kinetic energy of the weapon's attacks, bursting through flesh, bone, armor, and weapons unprotected by force field technology or some equivalent means of stopping the blow. These are deadly, intimidating weapons, and possession of one is not only advantaging in melee combat, but also a mark of status.

Short Rng
Long Rng
Short Acc
Long Acc

Melee: This weapon can be used during close combat attacks without penalty.

Intimidating: Any fighter who must make a Nerve test due to a friendly fighter being taken Out of Action by an Intimidating weapon suffers a -2 penalty to their Nerve test.

Knockback (Melee): If the hit roll for a weapon with the Knockback trait is equal to or higher than the target's Strength (before any modifiers are applied), they are immediately moved 1” directly away from the attacking fighter. If the fighter cannot be moved the full 1” because of a wall, obstacle or another fighter, they move as far as possible and the attack’s Damage is increased by 1.

If a Melee weapon has the Knockback trait, the attacking fighter can choose to follow the target up moving directly towards them after they have been Knocked Back to remain in base contact. If the attack was made across a barricade, the attacker cannot do this.

Power: The weapon is surrounded by a crackling power field. Attacks made by Power weapons cannot be parried except by other Power weapons or via the Parry skill. In addition, if the hit roll for a Power weapon is a 6, that hit automatically wounds.