Wargear: Gas Trap

An insidious trap using poisonous gasses to incapacitate and kill. A Gas Trap is a single use item; it is deleted from a fighter's card once used. An Active fighter carrying a Gas Trap can take this action:

Set Gas Trap (Double): Place a Gas Trap marker within 1'' of the fighter. Then they can move up to D6''. If the fighter goes Out of Action before making this action, roll a D6. On a 1, the trap triggered (centered on the fighter's base). On a 2-3, place a Gas Trap marker where the fighter stood. On a 4+, nothing special happens.

When a gas trap is triggered, center a 5'' Blast template on the gas trap marker; this represents a cloud of toxic gas. Each fighter within the Blast template, or who start their activation while within the Blast template, or who later enter the Blast template by any means must roll a D6; if the result is equal to or higher than the target's current Toughness or is a natural 6 an Injury roll is made for that fighter (regardless of the fighter's Wounds characteristic). No save roll can be made by the fighter against this attack, but fighters who are immune to the Gas trait are unaffected. Fighters who gain bonuses to resist the Gas trait may apply those bonuses to their roll.

The gas cloud remains in play. In the End Phase roll a D6; on a 3 or less the gas cloud dissipates and the Blast template is removed, and on a 4 or 5 the gas cloud remains in play; on a natural 6 the gas cloud remains in play and also scatters D3''. For any new fighters who are under the Blast template after the gas cloud scatters, the Gas effect described above is resolved for them at this time.