Wargear: Frenzon stash

When an Active or Pinned fighter with a frenzon stash is activated, they may use their frenzon stash as a free action. The fighter can make a free Stand Up action if Pinned. Until the end of the round the fighter automatically passes any Cool or Willpower check they are required to make, and treat the Fight (Basic) action as a Fight (Simple) action. At the start of the End phase roll a D6; on a natural 1 the fighter takes a Flesh Wound. If a fighter uses a frenzon stash during a battle, the frenzon stash is deleted from their fighter card when the battle ends. May use as a free action if Active or Pinned. Stand up if Pinned. Until end of round, auto-pass Cool and Willpower checks, treat Fight as a Simple action. At start of End phase roll D6; on a natural 1 take a Flesh Wound. If used, delete at end of battle.