Wargear: Frag Trap

The most common booby trap is a bundle of frag grenades attached to a detonator. A Frag Trap is a single use item; it is deleted from a fighter's card once used. An Active fighter carrying a Frag Trap can take this action:

Set Frag Trap (Double): Place a Frag Trap marker within 1'' of the fighter. Then they can move up to D6''. If the fighter goes Out of Action before making this action, roll a D6. On a 1, the trap triggered (centered on the fighter's base). On a 2-3, place a Frag Trap marker where the fighter stood. On a 4+, nothing special happens.

When a frag trap is triggered, center a 5'' Blast template on the frag trap marker. Each fighter hit by the Blast template is Pinned, and suffers a Strength 3, AP -, Damage 1 hit.