A panopticon is a ancient surveillance device that consists of two parts, a head-worn ocular and cybernetic interface that grants a heads up display to the wearer and provides control over the second part of the device, an independent Observation Drone. Observation Drones come in different shapes and sizes, but they can all Fly. A separate model should be used to represent an Observation Drone.

Whenever a fighter wearing a panopticon is activated, as a free action their Observation Drone may be moved up to 12" in any direction, and to any elevation it can reach. If a fighter wearing a panopticon is a sentry, the controlling player of the fighter always moves the Observation Drone even if the opposing player moves the sentry.

An Observation Drone has a 360 degree vision arc, is unaffected by low-light conditions and smoke clouds, and automatically spots anything in line of sight within 12" of itself. Anything in the vision arc of the Observation Drone is considered to be in the vision arc of the fighter wearing the panopticon.

An Observation Drone can be shot or attacked in close combat but can only be hit on a 6. When an Observation Drone is hit the attacker rolls a D6; the Panopticon is put Out of Action on a 5+, and is otherwise unharmed. A fighter putting an Observation Drone Out of Action gains 1 XP. When an Observation Drone is put Out of Action the controlling player rolls a D6; on a 1 the Observation Drone is destroyed and the panopticon is deleted from the fighter's card. If it is not destroyed the Observation Drone will be available for the next battle.