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Provided below are resources for Hero Designer, developed by Dan Simon and released by HERO Games.
I highly recommend Hero Designer. I've been using it since early in v1, was an early beta tester, and have been a heavy user since its release as well. Its a great piece of software and significantly streamlines making characters, powers, what have you for the HERO System. The Character Packs for the individual publications, particularly the Bestiary and the UNTIL Super Powers Data Base are enormous timesavers. And, populating this website with characters was a relative snap thanks to HERO Designers flexible Export model.
Normal Characteristic Maxima Template Maker
Alternate NCM Template Maker
This is an ASP page that will allow you to enter a variant Characteristic Maxima and output a Template file for use with Hero Designer.
Export Templates
Character Exports
This zip includes several variations on HTML Character Sheets and a few varieties of output ready for posting on the HERO Games Forums.
Combat Export Templates
This zip includes around a dozen "Combat Export" templates, which are actually far more functional than the name implies. Combat Export Templates allow the output of any character information for several characters at once.
Backgrounds List Combat Record Sheet Combat Values w Attacks Skills Talents and Perks
Disadvantages List DEX Chart Movement Listing With Powers Picture Gallery
This site exists to provide content for use with Hero Designer, produced by HERO Games. This is a not-for-profit fan site that does not seek to infringe or challenge the IP or licenses of HERO Games. It is intended merely to expand and assist the player base of the HERO System.
HERO System 5th Rules Edition, and Hero Designer are trademarks of DOJ, Inc., used by permission. All rights reserved.
The HERO SystemTM is DOJ, Inc.'s trademark for its roleplaying system. See for more information.
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