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Hindrance Stunts

Flaws, drawbacks, complications, and so on.

Unlike normal Stunts which deplete a character's Refresh, characters gain one or more Refresh from a Hindrance...but only for offsetting the Refresh equivalence of other Stunts.

For example, a character with three Stunts and a Hindrance gains no mechanical benefit as characters normally start with three free Stunt slots. However a character with four Stunts and a Hindrance that is worth +1 Refresh equivalence would not have to reduce their Refresh for the fourth Stunt as the Hindrance has offset its impact.

Abomination (+1): Because I am a foul abomination, postive energy inflicts two (2) extra shifts of stress against me, and I take stress from healing magics instead of being healed.

Physically Weak (+2): Because I am physically very weak, I suffer -4 to all 4dF resolutions that involve lifting or moving physical objects or applying physical force.

Socially Inept (+1): Because I can't seem to work or play well with others even when I try to do so, I am very difficult to get along with and struggle in social situations. When I would roll 4dF for an action related to social interaction I instead roll 6dF and choose four (4) worst dice for my result.

Vulnerable To Heat and Flames (+1): Because I am vulnerable to heat and flames, I suffer one (1) additional stress from all heat or fire based attacks.

Vulnerability To Sunlight (+1): Because I am vulnerable to bright light, I suffer -1 to all 4dF resolutions while exposed to sunlight or other intense light. If exposed to sunlight for more than an hour, my [1] stress box is considered to be checked at all times; I recover from this after being in darkness for at least an hour.