Shield of Light
Domain Light Level 4
Real Cost: 17 Active Points: 74
Provider: Killer Shrike Source: Ptolus, City by the Spire
Positive, Light, Protective
The caster summons a protective aura of glowing light that also repels the Undead.
Extra Time (Full Phase, Only to Activate, Delayed Phase, -1/2), OIF (Holy Symbol; -1/2), 1 Continuing Charge lasting 1 Hour (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Gestures (-1/4)
  • Force Field (4 PD/4 ED/4 Mental Defense/4 Power Defense/4 Flash Defense: Sight Group) ({[Light(4)]}), Hardened (+1/4) (25 Active Points); (Real Cost: 9)
  • Hand-To-Hand Killing Attack 1d6 (vs. ED), Damage Shield (+1/2), Double Knockback (+3/4), Continuous (+1) (49 Active Points); Undead Only (-2), Only To Push Undead Away (Undead Are Not Actually Knocked Down; They Are Pushed Back Instead; -1) (Real Cost: 8)
HERO System 5th Edition