Desert Lizardman
Desert Lizardman resemble nearly man sized gecko lizards. They are skinny almost to the point of frailness, very light weight for their size, have lightly scaled but tender skin, and are possessed of incredible speed and agility. They generally stand about 5'5" to 5'9" tall and weigh around 100 to 150 lbs. To a human observer they look weaker than they actually are; however though fragile compared to healthy humans they are stronger and more durable than a human of the same size and girth would be.
Completely cold-blooded, they cannot survive in cold temperatures for very long as they quickly slip into a hibernatory coma and will starve to death if the temperature does not get warm enough before a few days pass. They tend to live in tight nit communities in the desert. They by and large are not hostile to other sentient lifeforms unless provoked.
If Psionics are available in the campaign setting, Desert Lizardmen have a fair degree of natural talent in that direction, particularly Telepathy and Psychokinesis. Of particular note a Psychometabolic technique designed to maintain body heat is fairly common among their psionicists.
GM's Permission required.
Cost Ability
24 Quick: +8 DEX
10 Coolheaded: +5 EGO
12 Really Fast: +1 SPEED plus Round SPEED off
5 Dodgy: +1 DCV
4 Fleet: +2" Running
1 Tail: Extra Limbs (1 Limb only; -2), (Limited Manipulation;-1/2)
8 Fast Healing: Regenerate 1 BODY/Hour, Regrow Lost Limbs
5 Sharp Teeth: 1 pip Hand Killing Attack
5 Varanoidean Senses: Fully Discriminatory with Normal Smell
10 Varanoidean Senses: Targeting with Normal Smell
3 Survivable: Survival (Desert)
2 Adapted: LS: Intense Heat
1 Sandwalking: No Penalties On Shifting Sand
8 Lizard Mind: +10 Mental Defense; Not vs Other Lizardmen (-1/4)
Value Disadvantages
-20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
-5 Distinctive Feature: Desert Lizardman (Concealable w/ Magic, Noticed, Not Distinctive in Some Cultures)
-2 Frail: -2 STR
-4 Spindly: -2 CON
-4 Fragile: -2 BODY
-4 Slow Metabolism: -2 REC
-4 Earless: -2 PER Hearing
-15 Susceptible to Cold Weather: (sub 50 degrees), VCommon per Minute 1d6


Total Cost of Package
Cost Option
9 Ambidexterity (Eliminate Off Hand Penalty entirely)
2 Strong Minded: Remove Not vs Other Lizardmen (-1/4) from Lizard Mind
2 Hold Breath: Extended Breathing: 2 Levels
+15 Blind Fighting: Combat Sense 11-
-5 Extra Susceptible to Cold: Increase to per Turn 1d6
  • Really Susceptible to Cold: Increase to per Phase 1d6
  •      Extremely Susceptible to Cold: Increase to per Segment 1d6