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Updated Sunday, October 22, 2017 ------> What's New

Provided below are links to various sub-sites containing content suitable for use with various Roleplaying and Table-top miniature wargames, particularly the HERO System by HERO Games and certain products released by Games Workshop.
Protecting Millennium City from danger at every turn, the Millennial Men have done their best to guard their namesake city from those who would despoil it. This Campaign site details the characters of a Champions Superheroic Role-playing campaign, complete with HERO Designer Character Files and character portraits.
When you need a super thug in a super hurry, who do you call? That's right; Enforcers Incorporated, a contract firm networking those who need dirty deeds done with those willing to do them. Includes HERO Designer files and is a useful resource for harried Champions GM's that need a super-powered thug in a hurry. Its also a collaborative effort; so be a good recruiting agent and submit your client's resume today!
A PRIMUS outreach program lead by Showdown and a core group of volunteer superheroes, offering improved support to participating sanctioned supers.
West Coast Champions
Young new heroes starting out in sunny San Diego, protecting the city from threats like Ogre, Lazer, and VIPER!
A new corporate sponsored group of inexperienced superheroes in San Diego, CA. Character write ups and ideas for use as NPC Allies or a rival supergroup for your PC's. With some background tweakings, they serve as a creditable villain group as well.
Southern Justice
An experienced, veteran team of four, with a long history of superheroism across a number of superteams. Older and wisened they work on the uncertain edge of superheroism and vigilantism and collectively refuse to sanction with PRIMUS.
A capable and elusive group of supervillains that turns their talents to industrial sabotage, espionage, and theft. Dangerous and well able to challenge a group of standard superheroes, and ready to be dropped into your Champions campaign.
A group of Mystically oriented Supers ready for use as premade PC's, NPC's, background fodder, or what have you!. Courtesy of the often imitated but never duplicated OddHat.
Versions of the JLA done on 350 points, by Hyper-Man.
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