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Updated Sunday, October 22, 2017 ------> What's New

Provided below are links to various sub-sites containing content suitable for use with various Roleplaying and Table-top miniature wargames, particularly the HERO System by HERO Games and certain products released by Games Workshop.
Here There Be Monsters
The mundane world is constantly under threat from the unexplained, the inexplicable, the supernatural. Frightening things that move in the outermost limits of our periphery when we are tired and alone during the night, told of in the bizarre and terrifying ravings of madmen, lunatics, religions and legends warning of demons, devils, fell beasts, and countless other wicked things. Your way will be perilous, and the path often unclear. But with the guiding light of your determination you can win through; for you are the rarest of rare breeds...a Hunter of Monsters.
A dark, gritty Cyberpunk setting with a twist set in the near future. Play a hardbitten Runner with hard won skills, BodyTech, genetic enhancements, or even metahuman Powers in a world fallen into rampant corporate dominance and might makes right semi-Anarchy! Full rules provided to run a complete campaign in conjunction with Dark Champions.
Protecting Hudson City from the depredations of the vile criminal element that preys upon the underbelly of civilization, the Omega Team brave reprisals from both the unforgiving scum they hunt and the forces of law enforcement as well. Detailed campaign logs complete with character writeups and HERO Designer files for a team of Vigilantes operating out of Hudson City, courtesy of the inestimable EDSEL.
An edgy highly lethal low powered SciFi setting by Podfish.
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