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Updated Sunday, October 22, 2017 ------> What's New

Provided below are links to various sub-sites containing content suitable for use with various Roleplaying and Table-top miniature wargames, particularly the HERO System by HERO Games and certain products released by Games Workshop.
If you play or are interested in playing in a Fantasy Role-playing Game using the HERO System rules with a focus on High Fantasy, then this site is for you. Contained herein are many package deals, magic systems, and  material to assist a GM in the pursuance of such a goal. In addition to a ton of content, there are also conversions provided for two editions of Dungeons & Dragons and both editions of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game
A large High Fantasy setting inhabited by a wide variety of races, with a recorded history stretching back over 8000 years,  San'Dora is a setting of deep mysteries, multitudinous kinds of Magic, and high adventure.
An ancient Druidic Prophecy speaks of a time when Nine Machtig go forth on a great Faring, upon which hangs the fate of their people....the Character listing (complete with HERO Designer Character Files and character portraits) and campaign log of a High Fantasy HERO campaign set in the World of San'Dora.
HERO System Conversions of material from Ptolus, City by the Spire.
HERO System Conversions of material from Paizo's Pathfinder.
A wiki companion to the High Fantasy HERO site, where Fantasy HERO fans can contribute and collaborate.
Contact Webmaster: Killer Shrike
This site exists to provide content for use with the HERO System, produced by HERO Games. This is a not-for-profit fan site that does not seek to infringe or challenge the IP or licenses of HERO Games. It is intended merely to expand and assist the player base of the HERO System.
HERO System 5th Rules Edition is a trademark of DOJ, Inc., used by permission. All rights reserved.
The HERO SystemTM ® is DOJ, Inc.'s trademark for its roleplaying system. See for more information.
The HERO System and all associated games, game products, terms, and images are copyright © by DOJ, Inc. This website includes copyrighted material, which is used by permission of DOJ, Inc. All rights reserved.
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